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Kiska is Russian for “Pure.” She can give the sweetest, most innocent look and thus was named. Her personality, though, has a nice mischievousness to it. Typical Siberian.


Kiska Sue, Snaggle Tooth (for a misaligned canine tooth)


Came to us as a rescue from Sleddog Rescue in Tennessee in August 2006 at roughly a year old. She was a skinny stray who had been under their loving care, but still needed lots of loving and reassurance because she was very shy of people. Today she has blossomed, her wooly coat has developed, and she has gained weight. Her confidence continues to grow daily. We take her for walks downtown (er – which is like 3 blocks long and a few two story buildings) some days so she can meet and greet people (who used to mostly scare her). While she will still make sure she is the furtherest away from any people we meet, she will often now let strangers pet her – amazing considering we could barely pet her at first. Though she remains very shy around children, particularly teenage boys. But she loves – loves – to snuggle. You know you have won her over when she flops over for a belly rub.


Goofy, loving, and shy. She has become Natasha’s shadow and worships her (a very scary mentor). Since Kodiak has arrived on the scene, she has fallen in love with her boyfriend but also gets tired of his constant attention.


At first, very quiet. She then started with a high pitched squeak. That has now moved to a vocal “arrrrgh,” primarily when wrestling and telling Kodi to go away. When irritated, she makes a noise that most sounds like a goose honk. Loves to join into the howl fests, but never starts them.

Where she sleeps

In her crate. She will briefly climb into bed for belly rubs and ear scratches, but prefers sleeping in a more sheltered area. Loves to sleep beside me on the couch while I watch TV and defends her space from Rusty (but if Natasha’s wants it, she can have it).

Where she rides in the car

Right in the middle behind Natasha and in front of Qannik. Loves looking out the window, but does not like getting wet in the rain or having the wind blow her long coat.

Favorite activity

Following Natasha and bothering Rusty. Bouncing between loving Kodiak and getting tired of his puppy ways.