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When A Little Rain Falls

June 27, 2024 |

With our hot, dry summer here in Asheville, Landon knows a celebration is in order when a little rain falls—a roll in the wet grass.

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Roscoe racing across the yard for dinner

The Power of Oh

April 24, 2024 |

Caught off guard by Roscoe’s change in routine, Hu-Dad discovered the power of oh and how a single word could change everything.

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Goodbye, Little Prince

March 15, 2024 |

We woke this morning to rain rolling in, fitting for our mood, as Typhoon let us know that he was ready. We weren’t, of course. We never are. As much as we know it’s coming, nothing prepares us for it. Even holding him a month ago as we watched the ultrasound show us this health…

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Snow Day (More or Less)

January 20, 2024 |

We had a snow day. More or less. Mainly less. But at least it snowed during our afternoon walk and we got to pretend for a bit.

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Typhoon’s 11th Herdaversary

January 4, 2024 |

Today, we’re celebrating Typhoon’s 11th Herdaversary and wondering how our mischievous puppy can be 12 years old.

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Frankie Suave says a quiet yard is a good yard. - Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

December 19, 2023 |

Frankie Suave’s deviation from the morning rituals led to a debate with Hu-Dad over expected behavior in the yard.

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Roscoe’s Fifth Herdaversary

November 17, 2023 |

We want to wish our big, lovable lug—and Typhoon’s bestest buddy ever—a very happy Roscoe’s Fifth Herdaversary!

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Trouble Brother Treat Challenge

Trouble Brother Treat Challenge

November 7, 2023 |

Poor Typhoon needs more calories. Roscoe needs to watch what he eats. That combination leads to the Trouble Brother Treat Challenge.

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Frankie’s Twelfth Herdaversary

October 22, 2023 |

We are celebrating Frankie’s twelfth Herdaversary today. Don’t worry, though, he keeps up with all our walks and still enjoys his naps!

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Landon’s Seventh Herdaversary

October 16, 2023 |

You may find this as hard to believe as we do, but we’re celebrating Landon’s seventh herdaversary since he came bouncing into Chez Herd.

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Another Rabbit Encounter

Another Rabbit Close Encounter

October 12, 2023 |

Typhoon had another rabbit close encounter thanks to a lack of light and a surprise poopy. Our story explains how that’s connected.

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Winter Hours

September 23, 2023 |

With the summer weather gone and cooler temperatures in our days, we’ve returned to winter hours, though that has created a slight problem.

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