Our Hu-Dad likes to read his newspaper before our morning walk which means we have to wait until he is ready. Some of us do that patiently. Some don’t

Tropical Storm Bertha came and went, but she left us with tons of tropical heat and humidity which is making our walks fun

Much to our surprise, we woke up yesterday morning to discover Tropical Storm Bertha formed overnight and was aimed for us

We recently showed you photos of the dogs entering the yard first thing in the morning and thought we would do more morning entries

Landon had a great plan to defend the top of the steps from a Frankie Suave charge. Did it work or was the blocker blocked?

Frankie works hard around Chez Herd By The Sea and looks forward to the end of a Suave Day…if only he could figure out what the youngsters are up to

Yesterday was stormy and windy. Landon found lots of things of interest while sniffing the sea breezes

Some warm sunshine, cool grass, and marsh breezes make for a perfect napping combination and a not so royal prince

Many readers have commented on His Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey’s hairy situation, but he is prepared to issue a strong denial

When it comes to sticks and stones, possession might be the only canine law that matters…once a stick is declared important

Not many things ruffle our cool leader, but a recent encounter with wildlife made it happen—Frankie lost his suave

An important skill to develop for success is a keen sense of when to abandon plans. Boom Boom might have chosen a moment too late