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Senior Confidence

When you have multiple siblings, you never know when the next prank might happen. You remain aware walking across the yard in case someone is waiting to pounce. Unless, of course, you are the big cheese. The boss. The big guy. The king. The one and only Frankie Suave. Then you strut across the yard with senior confidence.
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Don’t You Dare

Warm, sunny afternoons are perfect for His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey to stretch out in the grass and enjoy a nap. Perfect except for the pesky little brother, Roscoe P., who seems determined to stir up some fun. The Little Prince throws his best Don't You Dare look, but did Roscoe heed the warning?
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Caption This: Smile!

Our rain has stopped. The sun is out. We are looking forward to a great weekend and hope you are too. How can we make your Friday better? How about a great big smile from Roscoe P. Since it is Caption This Friday, go ahead and let us know what you think he is saying behind that grin.
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Royal Snit Fit

We are accustomed to receiving compliments on our walks including the one that amuses the Hu-Dad the most ("They are so well-behaved!" - Boy, can Hu-Dad roll his eyes). Yesterday, a lady commented on our furry coats and then asked why Typhoon's looked, well, less-brushed. Hu-Dad said because of the Royal Snit Fit. She might not have understood the answer, but any of us who have heard the screams of horror emanating from the Little Prince when a brush approaches understand.
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Stop The Rain

For the last several days, a weather system has smothered us with one storm after another. We try to thread our walks in between the rain, but that means lots of waiting for a break. Roscoe sums things up nicely here with his thought to please stop the rain.
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Our Own Dog Park

One of the advantages of being a multiple-dog family is we never have to get in the car to go to a dog park. We are, after all, our own dog park. One of the challenges is what to do with the, er, output. Hu-Dad commented he wished he could find the disposal stations just like the big parks... and then discovered you can buy them. So, yes, this now sits in our backyard. Unfortunately, our Hu-Dad has good ideas and bad jokes, so it only took a few seconds until he called it The Thundering Turd. Yeah, we know, that joke stinks.
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A Sweeter Prince

His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey goes by many nicknames, including the Little Curmudgeon for his grumpy attitude. He complains when things are late, uncomfortable, or not to his liking. He gripes when the humans ask him to move, not to counter surf, or to behave. Just the other day, Hu-Dad suggested he should try to be a little sweeter. Typhoon's answer was an attempt to drink the nectar from a hummingbird feeder in the backyard, his best attempt at a sweeter prince.
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Caption This: Boom Not Booming

Hu-Dad came around the corner to discover Landon stretched out in a doorway. Rare to find the Boom Boom not Booming, but we all assume a good reason existed. But what was it? It's Friday, so it's time for you to Caption This photo. Why is the Boomster being so sedate?
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Suave Security

Now we are back in the mountains. Bears wander by. Deer visit. Squirrels and rabbits bounce everywhere. With our fence complete, we need to secure our border. Frankie takes a calmer approach to the duties than Miss Kiska, but, as our senior member, he performs a careful inspection each morning. We’ll call it the Frankie Suave Security Services.
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Inelegant Suave

Frankie is normally cool, calm, collected—the unflappable member of The Herd. When everyone else went crazy with the installation of the fence, he maintained his composure, right? Let's just call this inelegant suave, but even our senior dog did some zoomie laps around the yard.
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Fuzzy Boom Booming

Like everyone else, Landon was ecstatic to have a fenced yard for Siberian games. He raced, bounced, twisted, spun, hopped, and, most importantly, Boom Boomed. When Hu-Dad developed the photographs, he also noticed a certain fluffiness to our class clown. So, yes, we have a Fuzzy Boom booming.
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The Gates To Chaos

As you might have guessed from today’s photo, the gates were installed on our fence. We might be a wee bit excited by this development. The Trouble Brothers demonstrate some of the chaos unleashed (yes, Hu-Dad worked hard to get that phrase into the story) as Typhoon pursues Roscoe around and around and around the yard. We don’t know why Hu-Dad was smiling though. When we got inside, we were too tired to do our nightly wrestling matches in his study. We don’t know how he got any work done over our snoring.
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