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Caption This: Why Is He In My Photo?

Hu-Dad asked His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey to pose for a photo, but the Prince was upset his little brother Landon "Boom Boom" was in the background. We thought this was a perfect opportunity for our readers to "caption this" royal response. Oh, and yes those are tufts of fur in the yard. It's officially molting season for huskies.
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Dear Deer

Dear Deer: We thought something was in the yard during morning turnout yesterday, but we couldn’t find it. As soon as we went inside, you bolted and the security cameras caught your movement. We wanted to let you know that hiding from us in plain sight by not moving is a violation of the canine-deer contract. Stop that. Hu-Dad laughed so hard his sides hurt. You can’t hurt him. That’s our job. The Thundering Herd
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Neighborhood Distraction

At some point in the middle of the day, we convince Hu-Dad to take a break from his busyness so we can go outside and enjoy some fresh air (and—some day—we might be able to enjoy the fence that has been delayed and delayed). We have some neighbors who sometimes take a break at the same time and they excitedly say hi. Hu-Dad says they are super nice doggies, but it's a little neighborhood distraction when we're supposed to be focused on getting tasks done. Roscoe says he looks cute when distracted. Hu-Dad kept saying, "Focus. Focus." but we think that was his camera he was talking to.
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Can’t Tell This Story

His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey has warned Hu-Dad he can't tell this story, so... We're getting to meet our new vet one by one. Hu-Dad warned them that the Little Prince was known for being less than cooperative. The Prince, of course, did everything to prove the Hu-Dad wrong. The vet techs reported that he was very helpful—no wrestling matches during the blood draw, didn't resist the exam, stood still for vaccinations, voluntarily provided a stool sample. Uh, Hu-Dad asked, can you clarify that last one? The tech's responsed, "It just popped out." Royalty must keep everyone guessing.
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Take Two

Hu-Dad has worked hard to get Landon to be a good model for his photos. The other day, Boom Boom exhibited his usual Siberian cooperation which is translated into human as "Nope, not doing that." Eager to get a photograph that worked, Hu-Dad attempted take two. This is Landon's response. We'll keep trying.
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Caption This: Wait A Minute

Hu-Dad asked Frankie if he wanted to go for a ride and Mr. Suave loves his car trips. Once we got moving, though, he realized his brothers had been left at home which can only mean one thing—the vet! Yes, he had to go for a booster shot and Hu-Dad may have neglected to explain the details of the plan. This photo is the exact moment Frankie said, "Wait a minute. I know where we're going." So, Dear Readers, since this is Caption This Friday, what did Frankie say next? Give it your best shot. And, uh, keep it clean. (P.S. - As always, Frankie handled the vet visit in his usual suave manner).
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Siberian Cooperation

One photograph a day. Six days a week (Hu-Dad does a Way Back Wednesday). It's exhausting work, we tell you. So when Hu-Dad asked Landon to be the model of the day, to give us his best smile, to pose pretty for today's photograph, this was the response. We call it Siberian cooperation. (Hu-Dad also suggests a bug may have distracted someone's short attention span).
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Need A Minute

Roscoe and Hu-Dad chatted in the backyard, but something moved in the woods behind the house. A twig snapped and Roscoe went into focus mode. Hu-Dad asked him what it was, but Roscoe brushed him off with a "I need a minute here" reply. No answer ever came as to what moved.
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Roscoe’s Response

Hu-Dad had been working hard and decided he needed to take a break from his busyness. He pushed back in his chair and discovered it went nowhere. He turned around and spied the obstacle, so he asked a certain young dog to move away from the wheels. Roscoe's response was quite clear. Negotiations ensued. We're happy to report an amicable settlement was reached.
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Behind You

Frankie Suave's zen isn't easily disturbed, but he seems to sense those of you in the audience who are screaming, "Behind you!" Yes, he knows the Trouble Brothers are there. He's just decided the best way to deal with them and their antics is to pretend they aren't there. So far it's working. So far.
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Caption This: What’s Wrong Now?

Hu-Dad came back into his study and received this piercing look from His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey. Hu-Dad's question was, "What's wrong now?" Now, Dear Readers, help this caption this Friday with your best guess to the Little Prince's reply.
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Double Sentry Duty

Typhoon on the left and Roscoe on the right pulling double sentry duty. And, yes, Roscoe's nose might be lifting the blind for a better view. But whatever had the double trouble team's rapt attention? For the answer, you have to check today's post.
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