August 21, 2018

Everyone Walks At Chez Herd


Everyone walks each night at Chez Herd, even if some of the walks are a wee bit slower and shorter than others. Come walk with us!

Junior Team walk.
Junior Team walk.

The Junior Team is enjoying the better weather we have had for the last week or so, making our evening walks much more predictable. Much more fun not to get soaked by a sudden downpour in the middle of our nightly stroll.

Kiska and Qannik enjoy a quieter walk.
Kiska and Qannik enjoy a quieter walk.

Our seniors, Miss Kiska and Mr Qannik, aren’t interested in the longer walks of the Junior Team, but they still enjoy the opportunity to get out and saunter. They enjoy a quiet, peaceful, and Junior-less walk with the Hu-Dad.

Everyone walks at Chez Herd...but let's go home now.
Everyone walks at Chez Herd…but let’s go home now.

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  1. Great job Hu-Dad giving the older seniors their separate walk to enjoy quietly and not too fast!! The whole herd is SUCH a lucky bunch of dogs to have such a GREAT DAD!!!!!


  2. We only have one senior now, and she can’t go for walks. (The veterinarian who consulted on her x-rays said he didn’t understand how she was still able to walk at all! But we are managing her on pain meds and joint supplements for now.). But last year we always walked Abby and Holly separately as well. That way they didn’t tire themselves out trying to keep up with the younger dogs. It tugs at your heart to see them slow down, and not be able to do the things they could in their younger years.


  3. Aaahhh,daily walks…
    So good for the heart,mind and soul…… enjoy every moment,every step,and every sighting…and of course the wonderful companions????


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