A team of misbehaving Siberian Huskies, known as The Thundering Herd for the sound as they approach, and their hapless humans.

Today's Thundering Herd Story

Feigning Interest

March 25, 2023 |

We had another perfect spring evening to sit outside and enjoy the warm temperatures. Well, almost perfect. Hu-Dad was, for the eleventy-seven bazillionth time, explaining to Typhoon the importance of rules, following commands, and being a good dog. The Little Prince can barely pretend to be listening.

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This Week's Thundering Herd Special Features

Monday Musing

Weekly thoughts from our Hu-Dad with the latest updates on his writing projects, the books he's reading, and a gratuitous dog photo of us.

Canine Kitchen Flood

March 19, 2023

One of my dogs had an accident which resulted in a canine kitchen flood. No, no, not the way you just imagined. He’s more creative than that.

Way Back Wednesday

Each week, we reach back into our vault of over 4,700 previous posts and share a favorite. We hope you enjoy this look back.

The Queen and Decorum

August 11, 2010 |

Even after a long hike, a Queen must always avoid a fashion faux pas like, say, an out of place tongue. No, the Queen and Decorum are intact.

This Past Week's Thundering Herd Stories

A Real Spring Evening

March 24, 2023 |

After frigid cold earlier this week (which we liked but the humans didn’t), our weather turned decidedly spring-like yesterday. In fact, it was so nice, Hu-Dad sat outside to read. Don’t worry, though, because we kept security watch to ensure no errant squirrels, rabbits, neighboring canines, or other critters pestered the Hu-Dad.

Library Quiet

March 23, 2023 |

In the corner of his study, Hu-Dad has a comfy reading chair. He likes to sit in it for an hour or so every evening with a good book. All he asks is that we play quietly so he can concentrate. He looked up from the pages and saw Roscoe and Typhoon right in front of him, following his request perfectly. Such good dogs.

Is It Time For Bed Yet?

March 21, 2023 |

Roscoe is the official timekeeper for The Herd. He tracks when it’s time for walks, meals, backyard trips, and sleep. And, yes, he’s quick to let the Hu-Dad know when the schedule is slipping for some reason. Of course, that reason is usually because of Hu-Dad’s busyness. Just try to work with those eyes pleading.

Weather Complaints

March 19, 2023 |

His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey would like to share his displeasure. No, that’s not unusual, but in this case, he would like to ask why we get so many cold and rainy days, or we get below freezing temperatures and no precipitation, but we never seem to get snow. A Herd of Siberian Huskies wants answers.

What’s For Dinner?

March 18, 2023 |

Hu-Dad has this strange no-surfing rule in the kitchen. No, we’re not talking waves. This is about counters. He expects us to maintain four-on-the-floor at all times. Now, how are we supposed to find out what’s for dinner under such crazy regulations?

Blind Faith

March 17, 2023 |

Poor Roscoe loves his observation window. He can watch walkers pass the house, squirrels scamper in the yard, and even our neighbor canines in their yards. When he tried to get a closer look, however, things went terribly wrong. His nose touched the glass and the blinds slipped over his head. Hu-Dad had to rescue him (while attempting to contain snickering). Who knew window treatments can sometimes fight back?