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Wrong Camera

In a fast-paced world of a daily blog, Hu-Dad has to grab the photos as opportunities arise and hope he doesn't grab the wrong camera.
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We are a family of rescued dogs. Learn how we each got to Chez Herd and what makes us woo.

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Prior Two Weeks

Minor Distractions

Landon wanted to comply with Hu-Dad's requests to hurry up and come inside, but minor distractions kept getting in the way.
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Ocean Smells

With a light breeze off the sea yesterday morning, Roscoe was enjoying the ocean smells wafting through the air.
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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

The Little Prince has obligations to appear regal, but sometimes you just have to dance like nobody's watching (or pointing a camera).
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The Wine Whine

Once again, Hu-Dad's evening wine glass has attracted the attention of a Herd of canines, creating what he calls the wine whine.
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Automatic Gate

Landon has submitted a requisition request for an automatic gate. Apparently, the manual system we have isn't fully responsive.
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Exit Claws

We’ve shared photos of us entering the yard and exiting the yard—how about us leaving the house? Let’s call this our exit claws post. Yesterday at lunch, Hu-Dad opened the door for all of to take our mid-day yard break. We filed out as he took photographs in a great plan to get exit claws…
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A Concrete Problem

Landon wanted a little quiet time in the yard but discovered that Hu-Dad had allowed invaders in our yard with a concrete problem.
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Not A Cool Nap

Hu-Dad would like to point out we have air conditioning and plenty of indoor spaces for a cool nap. so he does not understand Typhoon's choice.
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Independence Day Games

A holiday weekend is perfect for family gatherings, celebrations, and Independence Day Games. Hope your weekend will be as fun as ours.
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View From The Top

We enjoy watching all of the wildlife around us, but the view from the top offers the best unobstructed look at everything.
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