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    Messages We Do Not Respond To

    While we love chatting with our readers, please do not ask the following:

    1) We are not breeders and do not have Siberian Huskies for sell. All members of The Herd are spayed or neutered.

    2) No, we can not take in another dog. We get asked nearly every week—sometimes multiple times in a week—if we could adopt a Siberian Husky. It's heartbreaking. Please don't.

    3) Dog sled rides. Hu-Dad is old and fragile. He could hurt himself walking across a room. Dog sledding doesn't happen here anymore.

    4) Guest blog posts. We've written nearly 5,000 blog posts. Not one of them has been written by someone else. Not one.

    5) Product reviews. The only products we ever mention are products we use everyday. We do not accept payment for them. We don't do unsolicited product reviews.

    6) Advertising. We do not accept third party advertising and have no interest in monetizing this website.

    7) Solicitations for SEO, web design, or similar services. We get daily offers, Most of these come from gmail accounts which makes us laugh because who can claim to be an SEO expert and not even have a business website or email.

    8) Any "business" using a gmail or yahoo or similar email. Seriously. If you're a business, get a website and email. It's dirt cheap.