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Qannik Tribute


Because of his all white fur, his moniker was Snowflake. Rather than changing his name, we changed languages. Qannik is Inuit for Snowflake. Pronounced Ka-NIK.


Qannikki, Qannikki-New, Pillsbury Dough Boy (though he has lost his baby fat and is much more muscular now), Q-Tip, Cotton Ball.


Came to us from the Haywood Animal Shelter July 14, 2007, as an owner surrender. We were not looking for another dog, but we were talking with the people at Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation and they told us about this white Siberian Husky at the shelter. They asked if we would check on him to make sure he was ok, as they could not pick him up for a few days. When we saw him, he had scars around his neck from where a tie-out dug in, fly bites on his ears, scrapes on the right side of his nose, and the fur worn away from his back paws from standing on a suspended wire platform. His teeth were worn from chewing on wire trying to escape. Oh, yeah, and Kennel Cough and round worms. But most of all, what you saw was this giant grin on his face and all of the potential. How could we not take him right there on the spot?


Sweet, loving, and a lap dog (all 55 pounds of him). Though he had clearly never been dog socialized (and still struggles with dog to dog interaction outside of The Herd), he is energetic and loves wrestling and playing with The Herd. Few things upset him and he considers every thing to be a game. Clearly the Omega dog of the pack despite his constant vocal protests.


Constant chatter while he is playing. A growly, rumbly, wooing voice. The boy never quite hears enough from himself and believes everyone needs to hear what he has to say. Periodically, Kiska can be heard telling him to shut up.

Where he sleeps

For the longest time, wherever everyone else decided, but he has long decided that his crate is his safe spot. And, yes, he snores.

Where he rides in the car

The very back because he loves looking at people in the car behind us.

Favorite activity

Cuddling, wrestling with his brothers, talking, annoying Kiska.