September 4, 2018

Senior Scare Tactics – Qannik’s Turn


Anyone who lives with older dogs understands the senior scare tactics – the health issues that pop up and frighten the humans. Yesterday was Q’s turn.

Hold on - senior scare tactics ahead!
Hold on – senior scare tactics ahead!

Those of you who have been following us for a while probably remember Kiska’s frightening moment last fall. Without any warning, she collapsed in the yard and couldn’t get up. Hu-Dad had to carry her to the house and sleep on the floor with her through a rough night. Ten months later, and she continues to do well.

Kiska checking on Qannik.
Kiska checking on Qannik.

Yesterday was Qannik’s turn. He was struggling to walk and collapsed slowly to the deck. Hu-Dad helped him get comfortable. The Q went to sleep and didn’t move for hours. About five minutes before dinner time, Q stood, walked over to his feeding area, and waited on dinner. Once served, he ate every morsel and wandered out to the yard to do his business like nothing had happened earlier.

We have a vet appointment first thing this morning to check him out (and we all know time with seniors is precious every day), but at least the day ended better than we had feared.

Yes, I am walking around. What is all the fuss?
Yes, I am walking around. What is all the fuss?

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  1. Oh, senior dogs……. We love them, but are allways scared too. Our eldest husky is gone to the rainbowbridge earlier this year (13 yo), but at this moment 4 of our dogs are 11+


  2. Oh Q-tip, I seriously thought my heart would drop right out of my chest! So glad you are getting checked out today. You are one beautiful blue-eyed cotton ball! Best of luck at this morning’s vet appointment!


  3. Hope Qannik does well at his vet visit. I have been on the end of those scares and know how painful it is to see one of your beloved dogs have that problem. Sending good thoughts for Q.


  4. Oh Q baby I hope you’re feeling much much better today! I’m glad you’re going to the vet to get checked out sweetie pie. Big hugs and kisses.


  5. Gotta love our seniors, but they have to stop scaring us! My 14.5 yr old fuffy butt was a master at giving me lots of grey hair & heart stopping moments! She crossed the Rainbow Bridge last November. She was a one in a million girl. Sending positive sibe vibes to the lovely Q!


  6. Oh Q -PLEASE don’t scare Hu-Dad(and us)like that. Prayers the vet will say it was just a “senior moment” and you are okay sweetie!!! Seniors are SO special BUT great at giving us heart palpitations!


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