June 10, 2018

Tasty Temptations For The Fluffy Mind


Hu-Dad spotted our fluffy Q-Tip staring into the field at some tasty temptations wandering outside the fence of Sibe Quentin.

Well, would you look at that?
Well, would you look at that?

Notice that Q’s bald spot on his back is healing quickly after last week’s shaving. The skin infection appears to be clearing up, so he hopes to return to his fully fluffy state in short order.

But today’s post is about a certain tasty temptation that wandered past the fence. Q was quite enamored with his new friend.

Why won't he come closer?
Why won’t he come closer?

Don’t worry, we have a larger photo of our visitor coming up next. But notice the title of this post is plural. Hu-Dad would love to claim he planned this shot, but it was pure luck. No wonder Q’s furry brain was on overload.

A turkey and a rabbit! A pair of tasty temptations.
A turkey and a rabbit! A pair of tasty temptations.


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  1. Q-Tip is in HUSKY HEAVEN having not one but TWO visitors to take his attention!!!! Good shot Hu-Dad with the camera and yes-great luck to capture both the turkey and the rabbit!


  2. Wow Q! Mind blown for the fluffy butt. Turkey is a bit thin, but both he and the rabbit would be fun to chase. What interesting appetizers…..


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