August 16, 2018

Blackberry Thief (And Hu-Dad Is Ok With This)


After our recent episode with the blueberry thief, you might be surprised to hear that Hu-Dad was perfectly ok with our blackberry thief.

Ooooooh - the blackberries are ripening.
Ooooooh – the blackberries are ripening.

Most of you will not remember a previous member of The Herd, Kodiak. The Big Galoot (yes, that was his nickname) had many amazing talents including his flying leap ending on Hu-Dad every morning to start the day. But his most famous skill might have been his ability to strip blackberries from their bushes during hikes. He could easily end a hike with a belly fuller than he started.

These look so good.
These look so good.

Qannik says he is also a fan of blackberries and has learned over the years the art of plucking the berries without grabbing the thorns.

Blackberry thief in action.
Blackberry thief in action.

On last night’s senior walk, Q insisted that we stop while he feasted on the delicious berries. After all, the bears will strip the ripe berries as fast as possible, so a canine has to take the opportunity to eat whenever he can.

I'm gonna be here a while.
I’m gonna be here a while.

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  1. I never did get to meet Kodiak but Quannik(AKA Q) has a talent he inherited from his brother as far as stripping and eating blueberries. GOOD JOB Q!!!! So glad Hu-Dad doesn’t mind you eating them along the way on your walks.


  2. I never met Kodiak either but can only imagine he was as precious as all the fluffies in this Herd! Qannik you have your blackberry thievery down perfectly! Kudos beautiful fella!


  3. I bet they are delicious. I re-read Kodiak’s bio. Sad that he left fairly young, but it sounds like he enjoyed every day. (Something we people could learn from dogs, actually.) His submission to Rusty was cute considering Rusty’s omega status.


  4. Good job raiding those luscious blackberries. Q-tip, good to see you looking fine!! Kodiak would be impressed with your skill. I saw a solid white 14-week old husky with baby blues from Cherokee now living in Florida. She is Monroe with BIG bro Tonka, a VERY talkative Alaskan malamute who loves water .

    Cottonball, you get all the berries you can so pesky bears don’t get them!!


  5. My Rockett loved blackberries and an occasional boysenberry when we went on our walks. He looked a lot like Typhoon and Frankie. Kodiak was with the herd when I first started following. I love reading about them every day. My Kasey looks like Qannik.


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