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When bestest buddies His Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey and Roscoe P. break out into a wrestling match, who is the instigator? Sure, you might think the younger Roscoe would start things. Surely the Royal Squirt wouldn't be behind the mischief. Our photo today reveals all. Denials will be issued shortly.
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Stressful Weekend

Boom Boom wants everyone to know how hard his life is. He only gets two long walks a day for about five miles total. He only gets fed twice a day. His pillow fell in the floor and no one has put it back under his head. And this couch is so narrow his feety-feet are hanging off the edge. If those things don't add up to yet another stressful weekend, he doesn't know what does. He requests your expressions of sympathy.
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Clash Of The Titans

His Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey and his bestest buddy Roscoe P. wrestle, play, chase, and generally create havoc together. Hu-Dad asked them to sit nicely for a photo-op, so, of course, a full-scale clash of the titans match broke out in the yard. Some day we will share a sit-nicely photo. Not today.
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Caption This: Resisting The Brown Eyes

Frankie Suave is cool and calm about most anything, but that doesn't mean he isn't expressive. When he wants something, from his Hu-Dad, he pulls out his ultimate weapon—the head in the lap and soulful brown eyes. The fact Hu-Dad's lap was blocked by this bench arm wasn't an issue. How could anyone get away with resisting the brown eyes of Mr. Suave? In this week's caption this, what was Frankie's request? Let's hear your best answers.
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Too Early For This

Life at Chez Herd by the Sea might seem blissful. Two long walks a day. Breakfast and dinner fit for kings. Comfy beds and couches for snoozing. Birds and squirrels to watch. But the price is our photographer Hu-Dad following us with his camera. Typhoon saw it pointed in his direction and grumbled, "Too early for this."
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Boom Cool

The great thing about photography is the ability to capture a single moment, that second of time when the subject hits that perfect pose and exudes power, confidence, and that certain level of sophistication. We call this Boom Cool. Don't worry, though, two seconds later he was bouncing through the yard like a kangaroo, which is how Landon became Boom Boom in the first place.
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No More Obsession Jokes

Roscoe would like to issue an apology to our readers. All week, we've made jokes about Landon's non-stop chattering. We've allowed a simple thing to distract us, to become an all-consuming topic. So, right now, we'll stop. No more obsession jokes. Right, Roscoe? Uh, Roscoe? Why are you staring at that squirrel? Roscoe!
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A Moment Of Silence

Poor Landon. We've made jokes all week about his talkative ways, but he decided to prove to us a moment of silence is possible. Of course, it happens to be sunrise and he might not be very awake yet. Or he's giving Hu-Dad the glare. Don't worry, he'll tell us all about it.
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Caption This: EEK!

Some photographs provide Hu-Dad an overwhelmingly number of possible captions. Frankie Suave caught in a rare moment of telling his younger brother to stop results in a shocked and dismayed face from the Boom Boom. Exactly what is being said? We challenge you, Dear Reader, in this week's caption this.
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Still Talking

After our Monday Musing post showing Landon yammering away, many readers wanted to know if Boom Boom really talked often. Yes, the boy chatters about many things and tends to give us a play-by-play throughout the day. And, yes, Frankie Suave is ever patient even if Landon is still talking.
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Get Your Motors Running

You know it's coming. The warning signs are obvious. You can see the energy building to the point of explosion. Anything in its path can get trampled. Zoomies are about to commence, so get your motors running.
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Vacation Over

All good things must come to an end and that includes our camping trip last week down to James Island. We declared our vacation over and took one last walk around the lake before piling into the car and heading home. Roscoe says goodbye to the ducks and geese, though we'll be back soon.
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