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Just A Wee Bit Excited

August 5, 2023 |

Poor Roscoe. He was outside in the yard and Hu-Dad went inside for a really long time. Like, maybe, it was three or four minutes. Three or four whole minutes. Then the Hu-Dad reappeared and the official Roscoe happy dance commenced.

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Are You Coming?

August 4, 2023 |

Frankie Suave has placed a high priority on comfort. In his senior years, though, the air conditioning and plush bed are a must. Once he has accomplished his business in the yard, he looks for the Hu-Dad to open the door and let him back inside as quickly as possible.

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A Little Privacy Please

August 3, 2023 |

Hu-Dad follows us around everywhere with his camera. And we mean everywhere. But, hey, sometimes we just need a few moments without the camera focused on us. Fair enough?

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A Suave Stroll

August 1, 2023 |

We’re spending our afternoons indoors basking in the cold air of the air conditioning. Come evening, though, everyone wants to spend some time in the backyard. Frankie Suave took a post-dinner jaunt to inspect the flowers. Now he’s ready for his evening nap.

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Frankie’s Brushing Battle

July 30, 2023 |

We surprise no one when we say Frankie is a cuddler. He snuggles for hours and never wants it to end. And he loves being brushed, though he has a slight quirk. He wants his chest and belly brushed. Nowhere else. He doesn’t mind the rest, but he prefers—strongly—the chest and belly. Thus, brushing sessions always look like this as Hu-Dad attempts to negotiate. Yes, Frankie deployed the brown eyes AND the paw hooked behind the head. And, yes, he got more belly rubs.

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Bro Hug

July 29, 2023 |

The bestest-brothers-ever are close. Mighty close. So close that the never-ending games look something like today’s photo, a perpetual competition of who can outmaneuver the other or gain an upper paw. Don’t worry, it’s just a little sibling affection.

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Royal Ostrich

July 28, 2023 |

Typhoon’s legendary sleeping positions in the backyard often catch the Hu-Dad’s attention, but he had to do a double-take when he saw this. It turns out Ty was just sliding his head along the ground, which isn’t quite as weird. Okay, fine, it’s still a little weird.

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Keep Stirring the Pot

July 27, 2023 |

In the ultimate cosmic revenge, Typhoon pestered everyone in his youth to create some excitement. Now that he would prefer to nap in the sun, his bestest-brother-ever can’t resist stirring the pot over and over and over…

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Advanced Guidance System

July 25, 2023 |

We’ve always wondered how Landon handles his navigation while flying around the house. Of course, we should have guessed that the tongue is used to point the body in the right direction, but now we have irrefutable proof.

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Over The Hill

July 23, 2023 |

During one of Hu-Dad’s periodic nose counts, he realized someone had snuck off and was up to something. In response to his name being called, Roscoe popped up into view and explained he was just monitoring the neighbors’ activities.

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The Royal Snoot

July 22, 2023 |

Hu-Dad has a challenge for all the humans out there. Imagine calling Typhoon and advising him it’s time to come inside. Then imagine that the look in today’s photo is the entire response. Now Hu-Dad dares you to keep a straight face and pretend to be serious about that coming inside demand. Yeah, it’s hard.

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Someone’s Following Me

July 21, 2023 |

Sometimes, a Little Prince wants to be his alter ego, Little Curmudgeon, and just enjoy some alone time. The bestest-brother-ever, however, has a different opinion. Don’t worry—the games broke out moments after this photo.

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