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Caption This: I Have To Tell You Something

Hu-Dad noticed movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see this face looking up at him. Those wide eyes, the ears back, and the perfect sit all made it clear the Little Prince was saying, "I have to tell you something." But what did Typhoon have to report? Come on, Dear Readers, we expect some good responses for this week's Caption This. P.S.—We appreciate your good thoughts today for our Hu-Grandmom who is having hip replacement surgery today.
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Resist This

Quitting time for the Hu-Dad's busyness happens to coincide with walk time for us. As you can imagine, we have a daily negotiation of exactly what time that should occur. When Hu-Dad suggested he needed 15 more minutes, Roscoe decided to engage the ultimate "resist this" face. So, Dear Reader, what do you think happened?
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The Good And The Bad

His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey entered the study with his usual grin of mischievousness. Frankie Suave, meanwhile, was napping under the desk. Makes it fairly easy to spot who is the good and the bad, doesn't it? Though Typhoon would prefer it if you would just suggest he is misunderstood.
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Planning Meeting

Hu-Dad discovered a planning meeting being held under his desk in his study. When he asked what the threesome were discussing, they refused comment. For the record, Landon was bounding through the house, but has also refused to explain whether that was a diversionary tactic or just normal Boom Boom Behavior. More will be revealed whenever Hu-Dad figures it out.
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The Princely Glare

His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey masters the look of disapproval on his humans, but what might be upsetting His Grumpiness on a Saturday? Your guess is as good as ours, but we thought you should experience the Princely Glare.
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Paving The Way

Frankie Suave was the first to meet our new vet now that we have moved back to Asheville. Not because he was the oldest or because anything is wrong, but because his rabies vaccination was due by the end of the month. He wowed the staff with his friendly behavior and good manners, so they have high expectations for his younger brothers. Oh, oops, that might have set a bar just a wee bit high for the mischief making youngsters. Frankie just says he's paving the way, though now he gets to sit back and watch with amusement. For the record, Typhoon is next. Chuckle.
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A Nosy Armrest

If you slave away at a desk, you might think someone is always watching over your shoulder, supervising to ensure you complete your tasks. In Hu-Dad's case, it's not over his shoulder, but under, courtesy of Roscoe P. and a certain nosy armrest. Guess he's just making sure Hu-Dad does his busyness.
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Mystery Doors

We need your help, Dear Readers, explaining the sudden appearance of these mystery doors in Hu-Dad's study. Before they were installed, we could go racing through the house distracting Hu-Dad from his boring busyness while we played a fun game of Siberian hide and seek. When the portals were closed yesterday, we were trapped in his study and couldn't leave. Hu-Dad spent far more time on his busyness. Why would he want to do work when we could play a rousing game of chase through the house? Humans are so weird.
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Suave Sleepy Sunday

We could have an entire discussion about how this photo could be taken any day of the week, but Frankie wants it to celebrate the quiet way he passes Sundays. Something perfect about stretching out on rug, soaking up a sunbeam, and enjoying a Suave Sleepy Sunday.
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Act Innocent

If you listen carefully, you can hear the whistling as Frankie Suave and Landon do their best to act innocent. Hu-Dad heard some suspicious noises and investigated. These two claimed absolutely nothing was amiss and, in case something was wrong, they had already fixed it. No further comments were made, apparently at the suggestion of their attorney-at-claw, though Hu-Dad did question the lack of eye contact.
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Caption This: Walking In The Dark

A repair person was scheduled to stop by the house at 3 yesterday for a quick job. We were warned our walk might be slightly delayed, which proved to be true when the technician arrived late. Things deteriorated when he stayed for 3 and a half hours. When he finally left, we went for a very late stroll and by the time we returned, we were walking in the dark. Of course, now our dinner was very, very, very late. You can probably imagine the grumbling during the walk, so let's hear it. It's Caption This day, so what were we saying?
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Suave Snack Supervision

The Hu-Dad thought he had a moment alone to grab a quick bite to eat in the kitchen, but Frankie was concerned. What if the Hu-Dad needed help preparing his food? What if he dropped some on the floor and needed cleanup? What if he made too much and needed to get rid of the excess? What if he needed a taste tester to be sure the food was properly prepared? Frankie believes in sacrificing himself for the humans, so a Suave Snack Supervision was required. The concerned look on Frankie’s face says it all.
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