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Frankie Enjoying Some Yard Time

August 19, 2023 |

We’re halfway through the recovery time for Frankie’s infection we told you about Monday. The area looks much improved—or, at least, the Hu-Dad no longer gags when he looks at it. Seriously, the swelling is reduced and the infection appears to be under control. Frankie is enjoying our walks and other supervised time—because unsupervised time means he has to wear his life preserver / cone of shame.

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I Can’t Hear You

August 18, 2023 |

We can’t help it. Seriously. We do our absolute best to obey our Hu-Dad’s request, but if we can’t hear, that’s not our fault. The fact that Siberian Selective Deafness occurs mostly when we’re having fun is just a coincidence.

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Serious and Not

August 17, 2023 |

Today’s photo amused us because it sums up the Trouble Brothers better than we can describe them with words. His Royal Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey’s serious face. Roscoe P.’s “let’s have fun” grin.

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Not So Suave Monday

August 15, 2023 |

Frankie had a not so suave Monday, though things certainly turned out much better than we first feared. Details in today’s story.

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Eye on the Prize

August 13, 2023 |

Those humans are so lucky to have us around because we are working dogs, always ready to provide service. Prime example here is Roscoe, offering to keep a very close eye on dinner prep just in case something falls to the floor and needs cleaning. Or excess tidbits need to be disposed of. Or the humans leave food on the counter and need some brave pup to protect it.

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That Parental Expression

August 12, 2023 |

Frankie Suave continues to hold the opinion that outdoor excursions during the hot, humid summer weather should be short and efficient. After all, air conditioning and comfy beds wait indoors. Unfortunately, the youngsters can become a wee bit distracted. Frankie’s famous suave look might be wearing a little thin at their antics.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

August 11, 2023 |

Roscoe normally bounds around the house with a smile on his face, so Hu-Dad was surprised to see him marching with such determination. Don’t worry, though, the important task he was going to handle was the disturbance of his bestest brother ever, who was calmly napping in the sun. Can’t let such things be, can we, Roscoe?

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Five Thousand!!!

August 10, 2023 |

As Hu-Dad mentioned earlier this week in his Monday Musing, this is the 5,000th post here on the Thundering Herd! Our readers have contributed 43,966 comments on the website and spammers added eleventy-seven bazillion that we blocked (We counted). Oh, and 14,855 photos of us have been shared. Crazy, we know, but we’re looking to celebrate. Roscoe and Typhoon think our neighbors should share the steaks they’re cooking on their grill.

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Neighbors Are Grilling

August 8, 2023 |

Roscoe prides himself in his ability to monitor all activities in our kitchen, so he’s a little shocked that the neighbors didn’t invite him over when they fired up their grill. Don’t worry, though, because he knows exactly what they are cooking.

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Warning Scowl

August 6, 2023 |

Roscoe loves the games he plays with the Little Prince. Sometimes, though, it takes a little persuasion to get Typhoon to join. Persuasion often comes in the form of a tackle. Sure, Ty warns him not to, but Roscoe always wins because the game is on the second contact is made.

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Just A Wee Bit Excited

August 5, 2023 |

Poor Roscoe. He was outside in the yard and Hu-Dad went inside for a really long time. Like, maybe, it was three or four minutes. Three or four whole minutes. Then the Hu-Dad reappeared and the official Roscoe happy dance commenced.

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Are You Coming?

August 4, 2023 |

Frankie Suave has placed a high priority on comfort. In his senior years, though, the air conditioning and plush bed are a must. Once he has accomplished his business in the yard, he looks for the Hu-Dad to open the door and let him back inside as quickly as possible.

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