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Caption This: Roscoe Yodels

Roscoe yodels. Loudly. Often. The topic of the day (or hour) changes, but he will be heard. All human conversations must wait. So, Dear Reader, fill in the blanks for us and let us know what Roscoe has to say in this week's Caption This.
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Royal Sunshine

Tuesday gave us something we haven't had in a while—a rain-free, sunny day with temperatures in the 60's. We all took advantage and headed outside for as much time as possible. The Little Prince wasted no time at all claiming the sunniest spot in the yard as all his. He refused to share with anyone, claiming it's royal sunshine.
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Happy Reunion

The separation lasted forever. The Hu-Dad abandoned poor Roscoe, left him to fend for himself. He missed his Hu-Dad. So when he saw him come into the yard, Roscoe raced to greet his Hu-Dad, to tell him he missed him, to tell him to never go away again. After all, it had been at least two, maybe three, whole minutes since they were last together. Yes, we had a happy reunion.
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Even More Distance

In yesterday's post, Typhoon expressed his disdain for brushing by moving to the opposite end of the deck from Hu-Dad. Our creative readers suggested many creative ideas, including plucking and—egads!—videoing Ty screaming during brushing. These ideas offend the Little Prince. To protect his Royal Floof, he opted for even more distance from the brush by going into the yard.
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Back Away From The Brush

His Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey has many rules for the humans. Much to his frustration, they don't pay much attention to his royal demands. For example, he thinks the loose floof in his coat should fall naturally to the ground decorating the floor with tumbleweeds. If Hu-Dad attempts to brush him, Typhoon screams. In this case, Ty senses the Hu-Dad was hiding a brush behind his back, so our Little Prince decided escaping to the far end of the deck was wise. Yes, he is demanding Hu-Dad back away from the brush.
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Caption This: Early Frankie

Our senior-most pup is out in the yard early in the morning, sunrise glistening off his coat. He notices the photographer (aka, Hu-Dad) taking a few pictures, but doesn't seem impressed. But today is Friday, so it's Caption This day. Come on, Dear Readers, what thoughts are Frankie Suave sharing with the Hu-Dad?
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Kick With Abandon

Our Little Prince does not believe in doing things half-heartedly (as long as you don't count obeying the humans). When he kicks to spread his manly scent, he has to do it with style, with pizzazz, with gusto. Yes, he lives a life philosophy of kick with abandon.
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Offsides Snooter On The Play

We know you will be shocked to hear a squirrel was outside our fence. And even further shocked to discover Roscoe was fixated on the squirrel. But are you surprised to discover that our referee called an offsides snooter on the play? Sorry, Roscoe, but our instant replay (aka, Hu-Dad's photograph) proves the infraction. That will require an additional five yards from the squirrel.
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Morning Squirrel Sentry

Our readers have probably noticed a slight interest in squirrels from our Dear Roscoe P. Maybe "interest" isn't a strong enough word. Let's call it an obsession. In this case, our morning squirrel sentry is searching for any possible slip-up by the tree rats, but, alas, Roscoe is learning the early bird may get the worm, but the early canine does not get the squirrel. At least not this time.
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Squirrel Stare

The tree rats fascinate Roscoe P. He does his best to convince them to come just inside the fence so they can "play," but the squirrels—wisely—decline the invitation. Unfortunately, that leaves our hero with nothing to do but the squirrel stare.
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Caption This: Boom Suave Conversation

These two make an unlikely pair. Landon "Boom Boom" D'Bandon on the left. Frankie Suave on the right. The bounciest and calmest members of The Herd. What could they possibly be discussing while they watch the Little Prince and Roscoe P. in the yard? Good news for the Hu-Dad is this is Caption This Friday, so let's hear it, Dear Readers. What are they saying?
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A Noise In The Forest

A snap of a twig. A rustle of leaves. A noise in the forest. Our heroes stop what they are doing and stare into the murky woods. What evil lurks in the dark shadows? In this case, of course, it was a dreaded...squirrel.
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