Ok, none of The Herd are actual siblings, but I did enjoy these pictures of hanging out together.  First up are (left to right) Qannik, Kiska and Cheoah (with Kodiak sticking his head up in the back):

Siblings 1

Qannik, never one to be shy in front of the camera, moved up beside Kodiak for a second picture of the “brothers:”

Siblings 2

And, on the other side of the Jeep, here are Rusty and Natasha hanging out:

Siblings 3

Now, just in case you think this is always one big happy family, I should remind you that Siblings never miss an opportunity to make fun of each other.  So right after I took the happy picture of Rusty and Natasha, I snapped a second picture.  Now Natasha does have a little reputation as a little difficult to get along with sometime, but do you think Rusty is making a face behind her back? (Click on the picture to enlarge if you need to):

Sibling 4 

6 thoughts on “Siblings”

  1. Woof Herd

    Ahhh, siblings. Isn’t it great too have brothers and sisters to play with, wrestle with, blame each other when things go wrong?
    Desert Pups here,just stopping by to say woof.

    Desert Pups

  2. It must be nice to have siblings! My memories of my siblings aren’t really worth reflecting upon…but then, relationships made on a full-stomach are different from those made during long periods of starvation.

    Now it all seems to be a distant nightmare…

    The pictures are neat! I like the way you establish your frame and balance the photographs. Are you by chance a professional photographer? If not, I’d say that you may want to try it out:)

    Licks n Wags,

  3. YUP _ The tongue said it all! How to great to have so many brothers and sisters – It would be easy to blame someone else. It’s hard with only two of us!

    Thor and Marco Polo

    ps – the pictures are just beautiful – the kids are just beautiful


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