Walking the Herd – Video

Ok, had to try a little Quicktime video action and let you get a good feel for what it is like from the operator viewpoint hiking the herd up an abandoned road we use regularly. From left to right, that is Rusty, Kodiak, Cheoah, Natasha, Qannik, and Kiska.

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  1. Sorry for the error, Kayla and Maebe. I have emailed you privately asking for details so I can figure out what I might need to do different on my end. For anyone else that has a problem, please let me know. I do this webpage primarily to teach myself about html, so any opportunity to learn is greatly appreciated.

    I know, I know, I could use Youtube, but that kind of defeats the point of teaching myself html!

  2. Bummer, we can’t see it either. When we click on the play button, we get a funky looking symbol but no action. I so wanted to see how you can possibly walk that many at one time. I used Firefox as my browser and it seems to be a problem with different videos. Maybe another time.

  3. Wow, you guys are so well behaved. Our mom wants to know how your dad got all of you to walk so nicely. She got very annoyed at just me yesterday because I pulled her all over after I saw a horse. (Please don’t tell her. I like it the way it is.)


  4. WOO WOO – What a great walk – Mom thinks walking two of us is hard but you make it easy! We would love to go hiking with you guys! It looks so beautiful there. We really don’t have mountains at all in Iowa but Thor has walked on the appalachian trail in Pennsylvania when Mom came to pick me up.

    Thor and Marco Polo


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