A team of misbehaving Siberian Huskies, known as The Thundering Herd for the sound as they approach, and their hapless humans.

Today's Thundering Herd Story

Rainy Thoughts

December 9, 2022 |

Why has our warm sunshine abandoned us this week? How many puddles can I splash through during our walks? Why can’t I dig giant holes in the mud just because the clumsy humans fall in them? Will I be subjected to the towel again rather than being able to share this glorious rain wherever I shake? Why is Hu-Dad pointing a camera at me rather than feeding me treats?

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This Week's Thundering Herd Special Features

Monday Musing

Weekly thoughts from our Hu-Dad with the latest updates on his writing projects, the books he's reading, and a gratuitous dog photo of us.

My Ugly Journals

December 4, 2022

As a passionate, long-term fan of paper over computers, I encourage your freedom to embrace ugly journals if that works for you.

Way Back Wednesday

Each week, we reach back into our vault of over 4,700 previous posts and share a favorite. We hope you enjoy this look back.

Games with Frankie

January 29, 2013 |

Cheoah and Frankie play one of their games on the humans reading the blog. How many of you are now trying to play the game right now?

This Past Week's Thundering Herd Stories

Lost In Translation

December 8, 2022 |

A moment of connection. Landon looked straight at Hu-Dad. The human spoke. Rules blah blah blah and expected behavior blah blah blah and normal dogs blah blah blah. Let’s just say the conversation was lost in translation because Boom Boom went right back to Boom Booming around the yard.

A Disgruntled Prince

December 6, 2022 |

The Hu-Dad is working against a series of deadlines this week, and he almost forgot to make our post for today. He needed a smiling face from the closest pup for the story. Typhoon was nearest and smiling is not his natural face. So, instead, you get a disgruntled prince.

Hu-Dad Is Fibbing

December 4, 2022 |

Hu-Dad can tell a story, but they sure are whoppers! He claims that some deer were on the other side of our fence just a few feet away and neither one of us saw or smelled them. Oh, sure, he did suddenly decide we needed to go inside the house, but when he tried to tell us why, we knew he was fibbing. We are mighty hunters, so absolutely no way did it happen. Right?

Not A Poker Face

December 3, 2022 |

When Siberian mischief happens around Chez Herd, Hu-Dad asks if anyone has any knowledge of what transpired. Some of us might be better than others when it comes to looking innocent, but Roscoe is not the head of the class. Let’s face it—that is not a poker face.

Coming In Close

December 2, 2022 |

Hu-Dad has so many responsibilities around the house. Feeding us. Walking us. Entertaining us. Taking photos of us. He requires diligent supervision to ensure he remains focused on our every need, so when he sat down outside with the camera in his hand, Typhoon was concerned he was slacking off so was coming in close for an inspection. Gotta watch those humans, you know.

Being Boom Boom

December 1, 2022 |

We were hanging out in the backyard when Hu-Dad realized Landon was out of sight. For some odd reason, Hu-Dad associates such behavior with mischief. When Landon reappeared, he claimed total innocence and assured everyone he was just being Boom Boom.

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