A team of misbehaving Siberian Huskies, known as The Thundering Herd for the sound as they approach, and their hapless humans.

Today's Thundering Herd Story

Frankie’s Mission

June 28, 2022 |

Hu-Dad was capturing photos in the backyard for this week’s blog and asked Mr. Suave to join, but Frankie’s mission was too important. What was it? He wouldn’t say, but he wasn’t going to be deterred.

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This Week's Thundering Herd Special Features

Monday Musing

Weekly thoughts from our Hu-Dad with the latest updates on his writing projects, the books he's reading, and a gratuitous dog photo of us.

Exploding Oatmeal And Broken Water Lines

June 26, 2022

The dog didn’t eat my homework, but exploding oatmeal and broken water lines sure interfered with my novel writing this week.

Way Back Wednesday

Each week, we reach back into our vault of over 4,500 previous posts and share a favorite. We hope you enjoy this look back.

Is It Dinner Time Yet?

July 16, 2013 |

Natasha, Kiska and Qannik ask the most important question asked every day here at Chez Herd – Is it dinner time yet?

This Past Week's Thundering Herd Stories

A Goofy Cool Roscoe

June 26, 2022 |

We can’t really explain today’s photo of Roscoe P. Was he doing his best James Dean cool impression? Was he just being his normal goofy self? We’ll just call it a goofy cool Roscoe picture.

Sultry Suave

June 25, 2022 |

We know many of our readers are dealing with far higher temperatures than we are, but we’ve broken into the 90s several days in the last two weeks. Our walks are early in the morning and later in the day and strictly along shady trails. But when we have a sultry suave—Frankie Suave, that is—you know it’s hot.

Not-So-Patiently Waiting

June 24, 2022 |

Afternoon walk time approaches and our official clock-watching Siberian Roscoe P. takes his duties seriously. Hu-Dad, however, catches on his reading in a more leisurely approach to time. Could you concentrate under the not-so-patiently waiting gaze?

Lunch Date

June 23, 2022 |

We hang out with Hu-Dad in his study as he writes in the mornings and does other busyness in the afternoons, but the mid-day break is the most exciting time. Most days, Hu-Dad makes himself a bowl of popcorn and, on pretty days, sits outside to eat and catch up on emails and social media. The only part of that sentence we paid attention to was “popcorn.” And, yes, we all volunteer to be his lunch date. Typhoon is applying some serious thought control to will the tasty morsels to fly toward him.

Daydreaming Boom

June 21, 2022 |

Is it the deer? Bear? Rabbits? Squirrels? We don’t know, but Landon loves sitting by the front doors and watching. Hu-Dad has been trying to capture a good photo of the daydreaming Boom Boom sitting at his post, but took this one through the glass doors of the study. The reflections in the panes gives the photo something of a dreamy effect.

We Need A Few Days

June 13, 2022 |

Dear TTH Fans: Hu-Dad here. On Saturday, we tragically lost my brother-in-law. The sudden and unexpected end of his life has devastated us all—his parents, his sister and her family, his extended family, his many friends. My own sister is reeling from the loss of her rock and partner. My Super Nephew… I don’t even…

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