Mama Bear, Keet, Keeter, Keeter-Beater, Trouble


Born in late June, 1993 (though we always claimed the 4th of July because we did not know her exact birthdate) as a result of an accidental breeding between two full blooded sibes (we did meet her parents) and came home to us at around 8 weeks of age. I had always wanted a Siberian, knew nothing about them, and feel in love instantly.


All sibe through and through and spent her life educating me in the wily ways of the Siberian. Escape artist extraordinaire and taught me everything I needed to know about fencing for Sibes (as in a 4 foot fence is referred to in Sibe speak as an inconvenience, not a barrier). Counter surfer. Trouble at every turn. The vulcan ear (note in her older pictures that the left ear has a notch removed from the top) is the direct result of her picking on Cocoa one time too many and Cocoa removing a piece of her ear as a thank you. And, ultimately, Mama Bear to the Juvenile Delinquent, Natasha.


Very talkative, always wanting to tell you about all her adventures (particularly after an escape) or what trouble Natasha had been. She had an amazing range in sounds and tones. And, in extreme displeasure, could let loose with a howl that rattled windows a mile away.

Where she slept

In the bedroom, but rarely in the bed. Cuddlng was strictly on her terms.

Where she rode in the car

With her head out the window if I would let her.

Favorite activity

Trouble - of any sort, of any kind - just for the amusement factor.

Rainbow Bridge

As she got older, Nikita suffered from arthritis and then diagnosed with mild Cushings. In her final weeks, she was diagnosed with a mass on her bladder. In the end, it was no one thing, but all of these things that led to her telling us she was ready to go play North of the Rainbow Bridge and on August 23, 2006, we granted her wish.

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