December 15, 2003

Christmas Decorating Siberian Style


Ahhh, that holiday feeling. Christmas tree is beautiful, shiny and well decorated.

Nikita, Natasha and I were enjoying our morning ritual today. We had been for our walk and all eaten breakfast. Before I got ready for work, I wanted to read the newspaper. In order to do this, I needed to ignore the daily wrestling and chasing match going on throughout the room. Sibe wrestling is not for the faint of heart.

I turn the page. Natasha careens past me, Nikita hot on her tail, and curves around the couch and behind me. Suddenly, I hear a collision and turn just in time to see a Christmas tree, lots of decorations, two Sibes, and a couple of packages – all rolling across the floor. By the time I get to them (honestly, to make sure they were ok), both were sitting in the middle of the branches trying to look totally innocent. Mind you, Nikita had garland draped over her shoulders and Natasha was literally in the tree, but both claimed to have had absolutely nothing to do with the disaster.

Part of me wanted to strangle them. Part of me wanted to find a camera quick. And part of me wanted to laugh.

But, since I could not make up my mind which, they decided not to stick around and find out which I decided. They both took off for the backyard.

Sigh. Gotta love em.

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