February 14, 2018

Foggy Boom Boom Day


The drenching rains of this past weekend have slowed, but we are still dealing with cloudy, drizzly weather and a foggy Boom Boom day.

A foggy Boom Boom day - fog so thick we can't see the fencing.
A foggy Boom Boom day – fog so thick we can’t see the fencing.

Monday and Tuesday have given us “only” a half inch of rain on top of the four inches we received over the weekend. Unfortunately, the forecast is more of the same – day after day – all through the coming weekend and into next week. With all of the rain and sogginess, fog has also settled on top of us making for some gloomy days.

So if a certain someone doesn’t have a lot of Boom in his step, it is because he is as tired of the weather as the rest of us.

We need some snow or sun or something.
We need some snow or sun or something.

Way Back Wednesday

Boring weather like this reminds Hu-Dad that we Siberian Huskies can be quite creative in the Games Siberians Play. Like the time, as told in this week’s Way Back Wednesday, that Hu-Dad came home and found Nikita playing her favorite game of catch – throwing some object high in the air and catching it as it came back to earth. But what was she playing with that day? The answer has always amused the Hu-Dad.

Nikita catch
The mighty Nikita – Click image to read this week’s Wayback Wednesday

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  1. A turtle was not my first guess…nor was a rock. For some reason I was thinking some metal part off a car or something.

    I can see a Boom Boom or Typhoon playing catch the clack though…


  2. Mom sez: I can definitely see Landon playing catch by himself, all right. Our Ayla had her own “boredom game”. Hers was to spend hours trying to make her tennis ball balance on a kitchen chair rung. And to our amazement, she did it, too — several times. And, being a Siberian, she also thought the game of fetch was “beneath her”, and did the same as Landon. She’d “fetch” it all right, then take it off somewhere to her own little corner of the world. (BTW, isn’t “fog-soggy” Siber coat great to deal with when they come into the house?)


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