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AKC Name – Natasha Montagne Gincoa

Montagne for our great love of the mountains and Gincoa as a combination of Ginger and Cocoa, our first two (non-Siberian) dogs.


Natasha, Tasha, Tash, Tasha Bear, Baby Bear, Her Highness, Juvenile Delinquent, Grumble Bunny, and, currently, Queen Natasha the Evil.


Came to us at 8 weeks old from a small breeder.  Born June 10, 2003. Sire is Stephie’s Polar Behr and Dam is Autumn Grey.


Devious, headstrong, off the charts intelligent – a very dangerous combination. Hands down, the most headstrong dog I have ever had. Any command to her results in, at best, a look of disdain in your direction that says, “You are kidding, right,” unless, of course, you have food in your hand (she actually looks straight at your hand to see). She can open doors, is a counter surfer extraordinaire and has amazing logic ability.  She challenged Nikita constantly for the alpha female position, but when Nikita passed, Natasha did not seem herself for weeks. She truly mourned her “Mama Bear.” She has since rebounded to be a solid leader of the Thundering Herd, whether for good deeds or, far more likely, bad.


A low, grumbly woo that makes her sound like she has had a two pack a day cigarette habit her whole life.  More common is the “Don’t dare touch me” growl, used when being brushed, told to move, corrected, etc.

Where she sleeps

The one member of the Herd that always sleeps in the bed. I have to remind her that the pillows are mine, not hers, and she ends up sleeping near my feet.  She defends the bed from all of the others, unless she is feeling charitable or very sleepy.

Where she rides in the jeep

Her seat belt is positioned directly behind the passenger seat so she can either look out the window (mostly at “Big Dogs” – known as horses to the rest of us – which are endlessly fascinating to her) or sit near the center navigating or resting her head on my shoulder. Likes to be the lead dog even when sitting in the car.

Favorite activities

Wrestling. Mischief. Ruling the Thundering Herd. Trouble.