Adopted from the animal shelter July 22, 1992 at about 6 weeks old. She had been found on the side of the road full of worms, dehydrated, and struggling to live. Animal control had already dewormed her twice and her stomach was still extremely bloated. With all of those complications, they tried hard to convince me not to adopt her because she probably would not live through the night, but she was too cute and pathetic for me to ignore. My vet treated her and she rebounded and thrived.


A heart as big as could be, but not very bright. We never did figure out all of the breeds in my little Heinz 57. She certainly had some chow (the colored tongue). My vet played a game where every visit he figured out another breed that had to be inside of her. With her oversized head, short legs, floppy ears, spotted tongue and loving heart, we always joked she was built from left over dog parts. Never mattered - she was an absolute sweetheart.


Deep threatening bark when needed that made people think she was 100 lbs, not her 30 lbs.

Where she slept

Within 5 feet of Cocoa, her protector and mentor.

Where she rode in the car

Touching Cocoa.

Favorite activity

Following Cocoa everywhere. Which is why so many of her pictures include Cocoa - she was rarely more than a few feet away.

Rainbow Bridge

Suddenly stopped eating and went to the vet on June 19, 2003 and quickly diagnosed with a large cancerous mass in her stomach. While we wanted a lot more time, we let her go on June 23 (after allowing her pal, Cocoa, one final visit). Eleven years seems way too short, but pretty good for a dog who we were told would not live through her first night after adoption.

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