September 2, 2016

The Odd Couple Of Chez Herd


Queen Natasha the Evil and Little Prince Typhoon create the most unexpected odd couple of Chez Herd. And who do you think is the instigator?

A security patrol by . . . Natasha and Typhoon? Chez Herd;s own Odd Couple.
A security patrol by . . . Natasha and Typhoon?

Typhoon was handling perimeter patrol when he noticed that his supervisor was not Chief of Security Kiska, but Queen Natasha the Evil herself. She shadowed him and caught him later at the water cooler.

Getting refreshed post security duties.
Getting refreshed post security duties.

Being the Queen, Natasha reviewed his work. And being the youngest member of The Herd, Typhoon listened with respect.

Next time . . .
Next time . . .

While this may look totally serious, some games might have been played. The Queen had to prove that she could keep up with the youngster.

Since this is Friday, our story is not limited to photographs. We have video because this is Film Friday! Hope you enjoy Chez Herd’s own Odd Couple.

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  1. Loved the video! Your Queen reminds me so much of our Abby. She doesn’t play often, but when she does play with her kids or grandpups, I can’t stop smiling!

    I had to laugh at Typhoons expression, he seemed a bit uncertain. 🙂


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