Experience and Youth

We spent the day yesterday on the trails and when we made it back to the jeep, the dogs were tired (our goal, of course).  So each of the dogs made themselves comfortable as they got water and relaxed a little before we drove back home.  Here is Natasha demonstrating how to remain regal and relax at the same time (that pile of white fluff behind her is Qannik who is already curled up ready to sleep):

Natasha in the jeep

Rusty, as the Alpha Male, has the critical job of remaining alert at all times and keeping a sharp eye out for all intruders.  The key is doing the job without looking stressed.  Rusty demonstrates his incredible skill of not looking stressed:

Rusty snoozing

But while the experienced adults are all getting comfortable, the newbie, Cheoah, is struggling.  First, she has been tied to the front door while I am securing the others in the back, so she decided to try and sit in the front seat (obviously, not a place she is allowed to ride for safety reasons).

Cheoah in front seat

But when she tried to lay down, she kept getting into various positions:

Cheoah in front seat II

Cheoah in front seat III

Cheoah in front seat IV

Finally, I had secured the other dogs and moved her to the proper spot in the back.  Finally, comfort:

Cheoah in back of jeep


  1. Holly on July 6, 2008 at 3:04 am

    Looks like she is just trying to find her place, and was just going for the best spot! She is sooo pretty! I think she is making herself quite at home!


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