Celebrity, but not for me

The Siberian Utility Vehicle needed some maintenance done, so I found myself at the Jeep dealership first thing this morning.  I checked the car in (first person there) and then settled into the lounge and started to open my laptop.  A mechanic stuck his head in and said he had to say hi.  The second he saw the vehicle, he recognized it as the one that hauled Siberians around town.  Me – he never recognized.  But now I know not only the dogs are memorable, but so is the vehicle.

Sort of reminds me of a few weeks ago at a traffic light.  A car pulled up beside us and an 8-10 year old boy was in the back seat staring at the car.  He turned to his mother and said with great disappointment in his voice, “Ah, the dogs aren’t in the car.”

Always humbling to be reminded that I am merely the chauffeur to the real stars of the show.

P.S. – Kiska’s annual vet visit this afternoon.  Good thing she is always healthy, because she really is very, very shy around other people.  Our vet tech, who is great with Siberians (and owns one), commented that she had never seen a Siberian that could become so small in a corner as Kiska can.  She really does not mind having blood drawn – the needles are not her concern.  It is the fact that people want to approach her.  Fortunately, all the tests came back negative, so she is good to go.

Also, Cheoah’s worm test was done today (didn’t need her there, just some, er, after product) and she has been declared free of worms!  Another milestone in Cheoah’s integration into the Herd.


  1. Wild Dingo on July 9, 2009 at 1:46 am

    Oh my…ok, i’m officially in love with the herd (i know tacky)… but i am as I make my way throuh some of your post archives. (hey it beats reality TV!) however, can i have a favorite? Kiska is a doll. I love her face and long fur and the swoosh of her tail… but i’m sure once i met them, favoritism would never last… Video of my sibe making my GSD/Formosan dog say uncle coming soon to my site, just for your entertainment! she likes to bite and shake him like a polaroid picture…

  2. Mike Stephenson on July 24, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    It’s refreshing that you realize your not as important as your ‘herd’. Chauffeur is the correct classification.

    Seriously I truly applaud your dedication to our 4 legged friends, would love to meet the herd sometime.

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