July 1, 2007

All Dogs Outside


Such a simple command. Clear. Brief. Usually effective.

But in the last 24 hours, three dogs have assumed that the command applied to everyone else, but not them.

1) Preparing for bed last night. “All Dogs Outside.” A prelude to the other important command, “All Dogs Bathroom.” Rusty burrows deep into the covers hoping I will not see him as he is too sleepy to go outside. Not unusual. He is also the master at stepping outside the dog door, turning right around, and coming back in. I have to explain to him that he can’t return
until he has spent at least 30 seconds outside so I have a hope he has actually gone.

2) Getting up this morning (after the Fuzzy Alarm Clock routine). “All Dogs Outside.” Three go past me. Turn around. Natasha is sitting on the bed with a “So what are we going to do today?” look. Uh, you too fuzzy wonder. Genuine look of shock on her face. Oh, you meant ALL dogs.

3) Just finished dinner. Natasha and Rusty eat in the dog room. Kodiak and Kiska eat in the den. They can see each other through a glass door, but there is no access. Bowls come up, Natasha and Rusty can come inside. Everyone sniffs around in case an errant piece of food somehow missed the Hoover wonders of Kiska and Kodi.  Couple of minutes later, my dinner is ready, so, “All Dogs Outside.” Three go past me. Turn around and Kodi is still Hoovering. Uh, boy, it was your meal so I seriously doubt you left a piece behind. Oh, yeah, you meant me look.

Beginning of a rebellion? Or just a continuation?

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  1. Me and the fellas don’t like the “All Dogs Outside” command either.
    I mean sometimes it is a bit windy, sometimes its raining – really we can hold it until the weather clears and the peeps are sound asleep. Poppa falls for it but not the mean, mean Momma she stands in front of the dog door and won’t let us in until at least a minute has passed.


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