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Fuzzy Alarm Clocks

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All I wanted to do was sleep a little late. Is that too much to ask? And late was all of 7 a.m.

During the summer, only Natasha actually sleeps on the bed. Everyone else has a different spot in the room. But once the normal wake up time hits (5:30 a.m.), movement begins.

First, Rusty gets up and goes outside. Comes back in and wants under the covers. This is the boy who does not like cold weather (I keep explaining to him that Siberians LOVE cold weather). This morning is in the 50’s. It is NOT cold. But he
wants under the covers. Nuzzle, nudge, push, stretch, fluff, curl, cold nose to side, settles down.

Then Kiska stands up (she sleeps right beside the bed) and I feel her look. I feel it coming. The Paw of
Attention. I reach out and stop it just before it connects with my face. But it comes again because I did not immediately start scratching ears. It connects. In self defense, I start scratching her ears. Somewhere deep in my sleepy brain, I realize I just once again reinforced that hitting me with her paw equals getting scratches, but I am too sleepy to do anything else. I can half sleep and scratch, right?

The bed is moving. Its big, goofy, Kodiak – and I am about to get the Kodi hug. Mind you, this is really sweet when I am awake. It is just painful when I am asleep. His head crashes into my chest.  His paws wrap around my sides. And he squeezes. Then he collapses on top of me with his goofy good morning grin.

Ok, ok, one dog to my side, one getting extortion ear scratches, one laying on top of me – I can sleep, right?

Queen Natasha the Evil realizes that dogs are on HER bed. They must be chased off. Dogs scramble, using me as a launching pad. The race around the room begins. Natasha’s low, rumbly woo. Kodi’s deep throated and loud woo. Kiska’s honk (it can only be described as a honk – long honk like a goose). And Rusty nuzzles under the covers hoping to be ignored. In the first
lap, they cross the bed. Rusty and I are trampled by 3 dogs. Rusty joins the race. Second lap now means I am trampled by 4 dogs.

I stand up. Shout stop it. They all look surprised. They are all evicted.

But now I can’t go back to sleep.


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2 thoughts on “Fuzzy Alarm Clocks

  1. I’ve got to say, this seems earily familiar…I raised a German Shepard, Great Dane, and Border Collie at the same time, and I understand your lack of sleep…the kids just dont understand lol.

  2. I have 2 sibes- my wake up call is what I refer to as the wet-paw-licking-of-my-face-jumping-on-my-chest- wake up! it never fails every morning when they go out they feel the need to jump on my bed with wet paws, I have one that jumps on my chest and lays on me with the intent stare of catching me peaking through my eye lashes at her, while the other one just prefers to use my head for a chair and licks my face until I can no longer pretend I am sleeping; I once tried wrapping myself in my blanket so they could not attack me… HA! It didnot work in the LEAST! Instead swatted at my head and pulled my covers off the bed. *sigh* I thought I!!! was the pack leader >,<

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