What Is Your Q Score?

wonder if there are treats involved

Q Score is a marketing term that measures the familiarity and appeal of a brand, product, company or person. Of course, for us, there is only one Q Score that matters. Qannik is our lovable lug – a little goofy but always with that irrepressible good cheer. We have mentioned that Q can be a little distance challenged [Continue Reading]

Plotting and Scheming

plotting and scheming

Typhoon is well known for his plotting and scheming around Chez Herd. He is always convinced that he can get away with whatever he plans, but sometimes the Hu-Dad foils his efforts before they ever begin. Now would you humans be suspicious of that face? Ok, maybe you would be. The Hu-Dad sure is. And [Continue Reading]

How To Win Friends

Are you eating something?

Hu-Dad has apparently been studying Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends,” at least based on Cheoah’s reaction last night. Everything started out innocently enough as Cheoah was enjoying some couch time in the den. But as she scanned the room, she saw something of great interest. Why, yes, Hu-Dad was having a little snack as he was [Continue Reading]