Apr 232014

Whether stalking prey or defending turf, it is important to look tough. For Typhoon, that requires lots of practice. How do you rate his success?

serious business

Stalking your prey is serious business.

rough, tough face

How is this for my rough, tough face?

Apr 222014

Frankie and Cheoah are responsible for keeping the young Typhoon out of messes, but that is difficult when a certain pup is always on the edge of trouble.

wake up Frankie

Uh, Frankie, you may need to wake up for a moment.

tethering Typhoon

We thought we could relax because hu-dad put the tether on Typhoon, but . . .

what i am doing wrong?

What am I doing wrong now?

Apr 212014

The humans have finally decided to do something with the bonus room space over the garage. Of course, that means we have to choose colors for the room. Who better to help than Typhoon?

color samples

Oh, cool, the humans have all of these color samples.

looking for this color

You aren’t looking for this color, are you, hu-dad?

take outside

I want to take this one outside to see if my picnic table would look good this color.

tastes good

Mmmmmmm, this color tastes pretty good.

confetti making machine

I am a fuzzy, confetti making machine.

Not being helpful

I don’t understand why you don’t think I am being helpful.

choose or chews

Oh! CHOOSE colors. I thought you said CHEWS colors.

Apr 192014

As any of you in multiple canine households know, saving room for the humans on the couch is a rarity. So imagine the hu-dad’s surprise when he walked into the bedroom to discover that Qannik had saved his reading spot for a last chapter or two before bed.

close to bedtime

Hi, hu-dad, is it getting close to bedtime?

saved a spot

Notice I saved you a perfect spot for a little reading before bed.

siblings up

You better hurry before one of my siblings gets up here.

Apr 182014

As we have mentioned before, Sibe Quentin extends from the back of the house into the field. We have a large, secure area to enjoy our mountain weather, but, amazingly, the humans built a “no-dog” zone right in the middle of our yard. Yep, they have their own door in and out of the house to a patio with seating. For some odd reason, they thought it might be more relaxing to have an outdoor grilling and eating area without us. The nerve.

Anyway, this outdoor area also includes a grill. A grill in a fenced-in area surrounded by us. Oh, my, that is what we mean by a grilling distraction. And the hu-dad cranked it up for the first time this season.

peaceful day

A nice, sunny, relaxing, peaceful day.

smells good

Whoa, hu-dad, that smells really, really good.

back turned

And don’t worry about having your back to this crew while you are grilling.

each get a piece

So do we each get a piece?

Apr 172014

We have often told you about how the senior girls – Natasha and Kiska – are in charge of security. But that leaves the question as to the role of the male senior, the Super Q-Tip. As always, pictures are the best way to explain things around Chez Herd.

backyard digging

Queen Natasha is enjoying a little digging in the backyard, when suddenly . . .

security alert sounded

Must stop my grooming – a security alert has been sounded.

Natasha in lead

Natasha takes the lead with her enforcer, Kiska, coming as backup.

time to spring to action

Don’t I look tough? Time to spring into action.

where is Q

Kiska has moved into position, but where is the Q-Tip?


I’m coming, I’m coming.

what happened to Q

The girls seem to have everything under control, but Qannik still hasn’t arrived. What happened?

found a hole

“Wow, I found this cool hole that someone was digging and I just had to check it out.”

Apr 162014

Our weather yesterday was cold, windy and rainy – with a little sleet and snow mixed in just for fun. We wanted things to either get warmer and drier, or the temperatures drop and give us snow. Either way, we expected the hu-dad to do something about it.

wet, muddy and cold

The ski area in the distance may still have some snow on the slopes, but our yard is only wet, muddy and cold.

do something about it

Put down the camera and do something about it, hu-dad.

Apr 152014

With our RV weekend over, we had to return to our regular working duties. We are, after all, a working breed. Our primary task is the supervision of the hu-dad while he does busyness at his desk. And, of course, we have a supervisor’s chair.

supervisor's chair

Our supervisor’s chair is perfectly placed in the hu-dad’s study in front of his desk – and near the wildlife watching window.

stress of management

You can see the stress of management, can’t you?

rotate task

Don’t worry, though, we rotate this difficult task so that none of us is ever over-worked.