Aug 192014

Hu-dad was stretched out in the floor watching a movie when he looked up to see a sleeping Cheoah.  Cheesewhiz was called awake to show off her great smile.  Come on, wake up, sleepyhead and show us that grin.

snoring Cheesewhiz

Hu-dad looks up and spots a snoring Cheesewhiz.

get a smile

Hey, Cheesewhiz, can we get a smile?

asked to do

Sigh. The things we are asked to do.


Ok, fine, sitting up and preparing for the smile.

hi everyone

Hi, everyone!

P.S. – Yes, we love the fact that the hu-dad was stretched out on the floor watching a movie while we canines were on the couch.  Makes perfect sense to us.

Aug 182014

Yesterday, we told you how the hu-dad spent the day painting a room (and we helped by playing outside).  Hu-dad was painting the bonus room – the room over the garage – which is being turned into an upstairs den to go with our guest bedrooms.  (Since we moved in to this house two years ago, the room has been used as a storage room, but hu-dad decided that anything we didn’t need after two years just needed to be tossed).  With the painting complete, hu-dad began moving furniture into the room, but a royal inspection was demanded by Queen Natasha the Evil.  And, of course, what the Queen demands, the Queen gets.

A light celery green

A light celery green – very bright and airy, hu-dad.

snacks on the end table

Some snacks on this end table would sure be nice.

perfect throne

This ottoman might be just perfect for my throne in this room.


Aug 172014

Last week, we showed you how the hu-dad was using some painter’s tape to prepare a room for painting.  With all of that prep work done, hu-dad decided to take Saturday and get that room painted.  So do you want to see how we help paint a room?

hu-dad is painting

So hu-dad is painting a room inside the house?

Typhoon exploring the yard.

Typhoon is exploring the yard.

soaking up sunshine

And I am soaking up some sunshine.

out here in the yard

But, hu-dad, I still don’t understand how we can help you paint from out here in the yard.

Aug 162014

As hu-dad works from his study, he always has some members of The Herd surrounding him.  Normally, you see pictures of how well behaved we all are.  But we thought we would show you what really happens in the study.


Frankie likes to monitor the rabbits that hang out in front of hu-dad’s study windows.

Typhoon behaving

And we have even shown you Typhoon behaving in the study.

what we really do

So you probably think this is what we really do in the hu-dad’s study while he is working.

every now and then

Let’s just say this might happen every now and then.

Aug 152014

Temptations are always difficult to resist, but particularly when you are a Typhoon.  How did he do?

ready for zoomie

Hey, Little Brother, ready for a little zoomie fun?

my napping spot

Sure, and then you grab my napping spot.

not falling for it

It only took me 1,346 times, but I am not falling for it this time.


Aug 142014

Finally, after days of rain, the sun was out – perfect for a hard working day.  Hu-dad spent the day mowing the field and we supervised.  Trust us, that is really hard work.

snoozervising skills

Cheoah demonstrating her snoozervising skills.

we are a working breed

Remember, we are a working breed.

relax on the couch

Thankfully, the hard working day is over and Cheoah can relax inside on the couch.  Doesn’t she look tired from all of her exertion.

Aug 132014

While better than the drought conditions of so many of our friends, we are at the end of five straight days of rain – about 3 inches (7 cm) of rain in total.  We have a serious case of rainy day blues.

more rain

Sigh. More rain. And Qannik’s fur just soaks it up like a sponge.

tired of the rain

Even the munchkin, Typhoon, who isn’t bothered by anything, is tired of the rain.

good hair day

Fuzzy Kiska says it is impossible to have a good hair day in this weather.

wrestling fun

Good thing we have big covered porches for some wrestling fun.

Aug 122014

It is important to always maintain balance, which could be another way of saying that you should stay in the middle of the road.  And how do you translate that as a canine?

stretching out for a nap

Frankie says he is merely stretching out for a nap.

nothing happens

Of course, he wants to make sure that nothing happens without his knowledge.

middle of the road

Thus, if you maintain the middle of the road, no one can step around you easily.

Aug 112014

The hu-dad is painting one of the rooms in our house, so he was applying some painter’s tape yesterday.

great tool

Painter’s tape – a great tool when painting a room.

The purpose of painter’s tape is to line the edge of the area you are painting so that you create a nice, sharp line at the edge.  In other words, it creates a boundary to keep the paint off of things that you don’t want to be colored – and to keep things out of the fresh paint.

Of course, the hu-dad wondered how effective of a barrier it might really be.

will it work?

Do you think it will work?

Aug 102014

Hu-dad ate dinner at a Chinese Restaurant last night.  For some reason, he thought a member of The Herd would appreciate his fortune cookie.

Hu-dad's fortune cookie

looking at me

Why are you looking at me?