Apr 012015

Living on the boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we are very accustomed to all sorts of wildlife, including birds. But sometimes, we get some really loud birds in the sky.


Wow, that’s loud!

The ranges of the Appalachian Mountains make for terrific training grounds for our fighter pilots, so we do get buzzed by them every now and then. We don’t really mind since they are so fantastic to watch.

coming out of the park

Coming out of the park.

banking turn

A banking turn.


The afterburners are visible.

As always, our thanks to the men and women who keep us safe.


Mar 312015

As we mentioned late last week, the scales of judgement were out on Saturday – the official weigh-in for Qannik (trying to lose weight) and Typhoon (trying to gain weight). Are you ready for the results?

How did I do?

How did I do?

Qannik had reached a peak of 64.9 pounds (29.4 kg) back in December, significantly over his historical weight of 55 lbs (25 kg). Thanks to the green bean diet (adding green beans to replace some bulk of his food), Q has broken the 60lb barrier and weighed in at 59.7 lbs (27.1 kg). A terrific result, but he will stay on the green bean diet as we continue to work toward his historical weight.

make me look fat

Does this snow make me look fat?

In continued good news, Typhoon has hit a record weight – 42.9 lbs (19.5 kg), significantly better than his 40.3 lb (18.3 kg) back in January. He continues to be an incredibly finicky eater, but we have hit on a fairly good combination of food at the moment to keep him eating every meal. Our goal is to move slow and steady adding only muscle weight to his body. Unlike Qannik, we don’t have a numerical goal in mind for him as much as just a consistent and predictable appetite.

Meanwhile, Qannik continues to offer to trade diet plans with Typhoon.

Mar 302015

Qannik. Mr. Suave and Sophisticated. Handsome. Ladies Man. Anyone have any doubts?

I am gorgeous

Don’t hate me because I am gorgeous.

After a long day of hiking, the humans stopped at their favorite sports bar on the way to the house. We were napping in the car. Some ladies in the restaurant asked permission to meet The Herd. Q-tip, ever the greeter, was more than happy to oblige with kisses and loving in return for their attention. Anyone who has ever met The Herd can attest to Q’s always happy willingness to say hello to everybody.

After the human’s meal, Hu-dad was preparing us for the ride up the mountain to our house when he noticed something peculiar.


Is that lipstick on your muzzle, Q?

So, Q, what do you have to say for yourself?

gentleman never tells

A gentleman never tells.

Mar 292015

A late season snow is often referred to as poor man’s fertilizer. Both rain and snow contain trace amounts of nitrogen, but snow settles on the ground and melts slowly, soaking into the ground. Add the fact that a layer of snow can keep young, spring plants warm on a cold night (it was 14ºF (-10ºC) here last night), and a late winter / early spring snow can be very beneficial.

best part

Hey, Hu-dad, you forgot the best part about a late season snow.

The Herd says all of that is interesting. The main benefit of a late season snow is it is pure fun.

play time

Play time! (And, yes, we have already well-trampled the snow)

Any time there is much fun, games, and loud yelping in the yard, you know that brings out the Fun Police in every pack.


Some one is about to yell.

blend in

Seems like a very good time to blend into the surroundings.

There is one dog in the Herd who has no fear of the Fun Police – because she rules The Herd!

games have begun

The games have just begun.


Mar 282015

Around Chez Herd, Hu-dad is forever opening the door to let someone in or out of the house. Of course, sometimes somepup discovers themselves on the wrong side of the door. The good news is their brothers and sisters always look out for them. Ok, well, usually look out for them.

all inside.

Yes, Hu-dad, I think we are all safely inside.

hear someone

What do you mean you hear someone outside wanting in?

constant pain

Oh, him? My little brother munchkin?

wrong side of the door

Come on, Hu-dad, don’t you think things are quiet with him on the wrong side of the door?

Mar 272015

As most of our readers know, Qannik has been on a diet for several weeks now. The next weigh-in is Saturday morning and Q-Tip is wishing hard for a very favorable result so he can go off the green bean diet (where you substitute a portion of green beans for part of a normal meal – bulk without the calories).

next weigh-in

Whoa. Wait. Tomorrow is my next weigh-in?

wishing hard

Ok, I am closing my eyes and wishing hard for a good result.

don't mention steak

I am also wishing hard for a sirloin steak, but I probably shouldn’t mention that.

Mar 262015

All of the Herd respects the leadership of Queen Natasha the Evil, but they also respect the power of Princess Kiska the Enforcer. And when the sisters are together, no one dares to challenge their rules. They are quite the sister sister combination.

sister sister

Queen Natasha the Evil and Princess Kiska the Enforcer patrolling Sibe Quentin together.

sister sister

They are the formidable sister sister leadership pack.

observing from a safe distance

Observing from a safe distance seems like a smart plan.

On the bright side, when the sisters are patrolling the perimeter together, the entire Herd feels quite safe.

Mar 252015

Whenever we catch puppy-in-perpetuity Typhoon engaged in deep thinking, we know that something big is about to happen. Let’s check in on the munchkin now . . .

Why is Mother Nature so cruel?

Why is Mother Nature so cruel?

why can't snow stick around?

Why can’t snow stick around in the pleasant spring weather?


Come on, Hu-dad, answer please!

Mar 242015

Our weather forecast for Monday was cloudy with rain returning. Nothing like returning from an S-RV weekend to some rainy, cloudy weather, and we were prepared for the worst. Imagine our surprise when we woke up to some unexpected sunshine.

sun feels good.

Ahhhhh. That sun feels so good.

When you get surprise sun, you must sunbathe in it. We all scrambled outside and spread out in strategic sunning spots.


Qannik’s snoring could be heard from inside the house.

But you know no matter how nice things are, there is always that one who has to find something to complain about.

a little warm.

Whew. That is getting a little warm.

Mar 232015

We had a terrific weekend RVing and hanging out in the campsite. And, don’t get us wrong, we all had a blast, but Cheoah has a specific message.

hanging out in a campsite

There is nothing quite like hanging out with your brothers and sisters in a campsite.

more comfortable

But I am not ashamed at all to say that this couch is much more comfortable than some grass.

no place like home

Ahhhhh – There is no place like home.