Jul 312014

At sunrise yesterday morning, our weather was cool (46ºF or 8ºC) and beautiful – a perfect time to hang out at the Tree of Life.

hangs out at Tree Life

With the glow of sunrise glistening, Typhoon hangs out at the Tree of Life.

emerge from the tree

Frankie and Cheoah emerge from behind the tree.

breakfast is ready

Hu-dad calls that breakfast is ready.

enjoy longer

Except Cheoah wants to enjoy the perfect morning a while longer. Her breakfast will wait.

For our newer readers, a quick explanation.  Our house (and, actually, the house before that as well) was built by the grandson of the founder of the 1,000 acre ranch that is our neighbor (and is still owned by the family).

One day, his mother told us that our high altitude field was created back in the Depression when her father wanted to keep his ranch hands fully employed.  He created many make-work projects and one of those projects was clearing this field for future pasture land.  For some long-forgotten reason, he chose to leave the single maple tree in the field.  Some eighty years later, we are thankful for this majestic tree that centers our field.

With this history, we found it a fitting location for the ashes of Kodiak and Rusty.

And that is why we call it our Tree of Life.

Jul 302014

Sometimes our posts have a point.  And, sometimes, the posts are about just having fun.  Despite it being July, our high yesterday was only 63ºF (17ºC) and today’s low is 46ºF (8ºC), and everyone was in great spirits and just having fun.  Take Qannik for example . . .

I feel the need

I feel the need . . .

for speed

. . . for speed.

stretching your legs

Nothing like stretching your legs.

enjoying the weather

And enjoying the weather.

natasha and kiska being serious

Natasha and Kiska are being serious.

grinning ear to ear

But I am just grinning ear to ear.

Jul 292014

Today we travel across the valley to hu-grandmom’s house to check in on helpful Tartok, who is always working.

monitors grilling

As supervisor to the chef, Tartok closely monitors all grilling activity.

ensuring air quality

As the official breeze tester, he ensures that the air flowing onto the screened porch is suitable.

wall support

As Chief Engineer, he tests all walls for proper support.

unwanted reading materials

As Head of Recycling, he removes all unwanted reading materials and stores them in his outside cave. He and hu-grandmom disagree on the definition of unwanted, but he defines it as “left within his reach.”

Jul 282014

Weekends are the perfect time for hikes on all of the trails near us, but our selection dwindles in late summer as the heat builds.  We look for high altitude trails where the air will be cool.  Saturday was a perfect day to hike Richland Balsam which had temperatures in the low 60′s.

Typhoon pleased

Typhoon looks quite pleased that we made it to the top of Richland Balsam.

expressing an opinion

Kiska seems to be expressing a different opinion.

Toward the end of the loop trail, there is a place to come out above an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It is always amusing to listen to the people below wonder how all the “wolves” suddenly appeared above them.

Q-tip enjoys

Q-tip enjoys hearing all of the comments from below.

best wolf imitation

And does his best wolf imitation.

Jul 272014

Living in a tourist area, we have numerous parades and festivals.  One of the biggest is Folkmoot, an international folk festival celebrating musicians and dancers from around the world.  Folkmoot 2014 – the 31st annual festival – started July 18 and closes today (July 27).  Yesterday was the Parade of Nations, a colorful affair.

Because of the crowds, we stayed at home and relaxed, but the hu-dad went and took pictures for everyone to enjoy.  Of course, he got asked dozens of times where we were, so we all know who the real celebrities are.  Humor him anyway and enjoy the pictures.

keep the house safe

Enjoy the parade, hu-dad, and bring us back some pictures. We will keep the house safe.

waiting people

All of those people waiting for the parade to start. We could have entertained them by letting them give us ear scratches.








Russia (and we really think they needed some Siberian Huskies for additional authenticity).




Hawaii (representing the USA)



left us alone

Yep, hu-dad left us all alone in the house.



Don’t worry, we will be marching down Main Street next Saturday in our own parade!  Yes, it is the 9th Annual Downtown Dog Walk raising money for our great friends at Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation.  If you are anywhere near, please come to downtown Waynesville, NC, Saturday, August 2, at 10 am, and cheer all of the dogs!  Or sign up and join the parade!

Jul 262014

After our post yesterday, many readers asked us what the nature of the crime was that resulted in both Cheoah and Typhoon being tethered.

numerous charges

The charges were numerous.

Excessive Zoomies Inside the House

General Mayhem and Havoc

Failure to Yield When Told To Stop

nothing until

Those were nothing until . . .

Trampling on the Hu-Dad While He Is Resting on the Couch

Excessive Wrestling On Top of the Hu-Dad

so many rules

So many rules. So little time to break them all. (And, yes, the hu-dad has been brushing me every day. Why do you ask?)

Fortunately, we have the best Attorney At Claw.  Apparently, she set the standard for bad behavior and likes to remind hu-dad regularly that Typhoon does not come close to causing the mischief that she did.

out of order

Hu-dad. you are out of order. Besides, I am proud of them.

Jul 252014

Every good criminal needs an accomplice.  And if you are a criminal that gets caught, at least you have someone who can share the consequences.

tethered again.

Oh, sure, this is a common occurrence. Typhoon is tethered again.

not alone

But he is grinning because he is not alone.


It has been a very long time since I was tethered.

so worth it.

But it was sooooooo worth it.

Jul 242014

A Siberian Husky fur coat is an amazing thing, beautiful and soft.  And sheds like nothing imaginable.  Thus, we get lots and lots of brushing from the hu-dad.  Most of us love to be brushed, can’t wait for our turn, and don’t want the brushing to stop.  Of course, waiting patiently is not our biggest strength.

no complaints

Keep brushing, hu-dad. I don’t want to hear complaints about your arm is tired.

my turn

Don’t listen to him, hu-dad. It is my turn.

or else what

Listen, Frankie, move it or else.
Or else what?

Game on!

Game on!


You two go right ahead. I am still sulking that I got brushed AGAIN today.

We did say most of us like being brushed.  Typhoon is a notable exception.  Of course, he is currently blowing coat, so daily brushing is not optional for the Little Prince.  And, yes, he sat in his crate and pouted after the brushing.

Jul 232014

It was the end of another work day and the hu-dad was looking for a quiet reading spot to catch up on a few things.  We tried to help.

quiet reading spot

The chaise lounge looks empty and would be a great quiet reading spot.

interrupting nap time

Kiska complained that hu-dad was interrupting her nap time.

scratch my ears

Hey, hu-dad, you could scratch my ears.

get bored

Qannik waits patiently, knowing that Natasha will wander off shortly.

perimeter patrol.

Soon enough, she is off to do a perimeter patrol.


Ooooooooh. Bug ! ! !

fluffy white dog

Now that they are both done, how about some ear scratching for a fluffy white dog?

stop reading and start scratching

I’ll make faces at you until you stop reading and start scratching.

Resist this face.

Go ahead. Resist this face.

Needless to say, the hu-dad melted and Q-tip received a nice, long ear scratch.

Jul 222014

One minute, you have everything under control.  You are getting your way.  And, then, how the tables turn.

Cheoah out for a stroll

Cheoah is out for her casual stroll through Sibe Quentin and decides to head back for the porch.

pouncing on return

Unfortunately, the Little Prince thinks the best game is pouncing on anyone returning to the porch.

ignoring the taunts

Don’t you just love the look on Cheoah’s face as she tries to ignore the taunts?

placed in time out

How the tables turn when Typhoon finds himself surrounded and placed in time out.

never grow up

“So, Frankie, do you think he will ever grow up?”
“Nope, never.”