Dec 212014

Saturday was one of those cold, rainy, foggy days that we often get in December. No problem, we are rough, tough, sled dogs used to dealing with winter weather. Right, Qannik?

nasty day

Oh. hi. Hu-dad, yes I did notice that it is a nasty day outside.

doesn't bother me

Being of sled dog heritage, that cold weather doesn’t bother me at all.


Now don’t bother me while I take a nap.

Dec 202014

After yesterday’s post about Natasha being tethered, many of you wanted to know the rest of the story – what had she done? Though she has recuperated enough from TPLO surgery to be released for off-leash time, she is still supposed to be moving slowly, not getting involved in wrestling matches, and generally taking it easy. Natasha might be over 11 years old, but she refuses to slow down.

out of the crate

Out of the crate, no leash, and Hu-dad not hovering over me . . .


Time to surf some kitchen counters.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Dec 182014

Every now and then, you just have one of those moments where you look around and say, “Surprise!”

How did this happen?

Wait a minute. How did this happen?


I have the whole bed to myself and no one is trying to take it.

Dec 172014

Natasha patrolling Sibe Quentin – without a leash!

Monday, we had our last recheck of our TPLO recovery at Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery and both passed with flying colors. Natasha, 13 weeks post TPLO surgery to return her torn CCL, has been released for supervised off-leash time in the yard and a slow re-introduction to the full Herd life. She still needs to avoid the “full contact sports” of a typical Siberian Husky for a few more weeks, but she will get increasing amounts of time in the yard with everyone else.


Close. I am getting so close.

Cheoah, 10 weeks post TPLO surgery, is still restricted to leash walks, but is continuing to progress well – so well that we do not have any more scheduled follow ups (though we can certainly call them if needed). But with her “coach” along for the walks, we expect her to be off leash in just a few weeks.

Natasha and Cheoah

Natasha encouraging Cheoah to keep the walks going.

Our doctor even posted the news on his Facebook page – you can see it here!

Dec 162014

We say it is great to be back home to Sibe Quentin! Oh, sure, we had a terrific time at the beach and love our RV trips, but there is something really nice about the familiarity of our own yard where you can just be comfortable.

Tree of Life

Typhoon and Frankie took up early morning guard duties under the Tree of Life.

great to be back home

Frankie says it is great to be back home where you can relax on the picnic table.

too relaxed

Typhoon? That might be a little too relaxed.

Dec 152014

A week of RV camping with six Siberian Huskies on a picket line in the campsite. Everyone wants to know the secret to our success of quiet dogs in a campsite. Today, we reveal our secret . . .


Sure, some of us are just naturally well behaved – Cheoah


Some of us are decidedly not – Typhoon


And, sure, we have a tough Queen who accepts no nonsense – Natasha


And the Fun Police is always watching to make sure that things do not exceed her Fun Meter – Kiska


But Hu-dad does have one trick up his sleeve – Qannik


Wait a minute – did I hear a rustle? – Frankie

treat jar

Hmmmm – that treat jar was full at the beginning of the week.

Yep, we melt for the Soft Pumpkin Bites from our hometown Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

To keep our federal regulators happy, no, we do not receive any sort of compensation from Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery. Well, ok, we have been known to get a free treat or few in wandering in and out of his great Main Street Waynesville store, but we notice that most any dog who wanders in to the store seems to get some free samples. And, yes, we paid regular price for our treats. They did, however, provide the grand prize to last year’s Valentines Hearts for The Herd contest, so they are great supporters of the canine world. And, yes, they will gladly take your order over the internet and ship treats direct to your house. Tell them The Herd sent you and we might get an extra treat!

Dec 142014

With two patients recovering from TPLO surgery, we took this beach vacation knowing that we would have to be very careful with walks. We decided to avoid walking in loose sand and, thus, our beach walks were limited. We did, however, take advantage of low tide on Saturday to take a walk on the packed sand. It just isn’t a beach vacation without a walk at the beach.

Senior Team

The Senior Team enjoys the setting sun.

Junior Team

The Junior Team, with Typhoon mugging for the camera.

Tartok and Ruby

And, yes, the cousins, Tartok and Ruby, enjoyed our beach walk as well.


Dec 132014

While we are quite used to being the center of attention, we outdid things yesterday in making a spectacle of ourselves. Ready for a little story?

Out for a Jeep ride

Out for a Jeep ride.

We were out for a Jeep ride on Highway 17 by-pass in Myrtle Beach, SC, yesterday afternoon. Now on a Friday afternoon, that road is quite crowded and Hu-dad estimates about a million people were in line behind us at a traffic light. Ok, maybe he exaggerates, but bear with us and you will understand why he says it felt like that many people were watching.

As you can see in the picture above, Qannik and Kiska ride in their seat belts in the back of the Jeep. The first clue Hu-dad had that things were not quite right was Kiska making her squeaky noise. As you already know, Kiska is in charge of security and sounds the alarm anytime we have intruders. She also feels responsible for order at all times and when something is out of place, she begins to squeak in protest. She was squeaking and Hu-dad kept asking her what was wrong, but he couldn’t identify the problem.

Typhoon and Natasha sit immediately behind the driver and passenger seats in their seat belts. As you all well know, Natasha grumbles about anything that does not suit her. The second clue for the Hu-dad was that Natasha began grumbling – loudly. Something was disturbing Her Highness, but Hu-dad remained clueless.

So now Hu-dad had Kiska squeaking and Natasha grumbling when the third and final clue was presented. Cheoah poked her head up between the driver and passenger seats and said hello.

Now this is important. Note that Frankie and Cheoah ride in the crate behind Typhoon and Natasha and in front of Qannik and Kiska. Repeat – inside the crate. Cheoah poking her head up front is only possible from outside the crate.

Traffic light is still red, so Human # 2 jumps out of the passenger side of the Jeep and opens the back door to escort Cheoah back into her crate. Easy, except that somehow, someway, Cheoah and Frankie have succeeded in removing one side of the crate. They are happily just sitting in the Jeep like it is a normal ride, but Hu-dad is, well, “Ack!” Human # 2 has both of them safely in grip and trying to reassemble the crate when . . . the traffic light turns green.

We need to pull the Jeep to the side of the road and get things under control, so Hu-dad coasts the Jeep through the intersection and to the side of the road. Of course, the other human was laying in the back, legs sticking out the still open back door, while holding the two loose dogs. To say that this is an unusual sight, even for Myrtle Beach, would be a massive understatement.

Safely to the side of the road, repairs were made to the crate and we were all once again carefully secured. So, yes, two humans fixing a crate and securing a Jeep load of Siberian Huskies did cause a traffic jam on Highway 17 in Myrtle Beach.

We try to keep our humans’ lives interesting.

Dec 122014

Typhoon seemed to be quite pleased with himself when he secured the choice seat in the RV. Well, he was pleased until he realized the meaning.

choice seat

Ah, the choice seat – at the dinette table seated between two humans with this great window view.

crazed dog

Oh, and a tether. Does this have anything to do with the crazed dog running around the RV you were talking about?