Dinner With The Annex

supervising cooking

Hu-Dad went across the valley to have dinner with the Annex, our cousins Tartok and Ruby (oh, and the Hu-Grandmom). Of course, we weren’t invited. Go figure. Ruby and Tartok are the greatest cousins and welcome the Hu-Dad into their home with much enthusiasm. Of course, the enthusiasm waned somewhat when they discovered that delicious [Continue Reading]

We Come Bearing Gifts

ready for my close up

Sure, we take lots of grief for our wrestling and shedding and other mischief, but do you trust Siberian Huskies bearing gifts? The Hu-Grandmom has a Jeep Wrangler (so does the Hu-Dad) and Wrangler’s have a unique feature – a spare tire clearly visible on the back. And Jeep people are well-known for having creative [Continue Reading]

Duty Calls

looks like trouble on the horizon

Never fails. Just when you get good and relaxed, duty calls and you have to go deal with some problem that has cropped up on the horizon. That is the curse of being the big, strong, silent type who only has to respond to trouble.

Running the Gauntlet

break for the house

The picnic table is a prized napping position, but making it back to the house is like running the gauntlet. But what is the obstacle? The distance is not far, but the formidable obstacle soon appears. No one can make it across the yard without his interference.