Oct 022014

Yesterday was National Black Dog Day. Qannik was feeling a little left out, so decided to today National Q-Tip Day – dedicated to our own cottony Qannik!

my own day

Wow, my own day! Who knew I would get a National Day.

own parade

I bet their will be parades.

lots of presents

And presents. Lots and lots of presents.

beauty rest

Better get my beauty rest to be ready.

believe anything

Natasha was right. That boy will believe anything.

Oct 012014

Who is the biggest cuddler of The Herd? The answer is very easy – Frankie!

down on the deck

Hu, Hu-dad, saw you sit down on the deck and thought I would plop myself down.

Wink Wink

Not that I am wanting some attention or anything. Wink. Wink.

belly rubs

Now look deep into these brown eyes and start the belly rubs.

Sep 302014

Yesterday was the two week mark since Natasha’s surgery to repair her torn CCL. Yesterday was also an examination by the surgeon to review her progress. The verdict on her TPLO recovery?

The surgeon was very pleased with the speed of Natasha’s recovery. She has both the ability and desire to flex and use the knee – great signs. We had already weaned her off of the pain medication and antibiotics, so she is medication free.


So when do I get to walk around without this ridiculous sling?

The problem with her knee feeling so good is that it is also easy for her to damage the knee at this point by using it too quickly. So, as expected, we have four more weeks of crate time and short, escorted bathroom walks (with the sling) a few times a day. At that point, we will be able to start taking short walks without the sling.


I know I can smell freedom out there somewhere.

So Natasha continues to get lots of one on one time with Hu-dad as she snoozes in a crate beside his desk all day. While she is a restless and bored, she does consider a round-the-clock human servant to be a big positive.


Hu-dad, my blankets need fluffing. Get to it.

Sep 292014

We almost did not use these photographs because they are so out of focus, but the pictures are really funny. Hu-dad took this rapid fire series of a race around the yard between Typhoon and his pursuer Frankie. Frankie gets a near chomp on Typhoon, except for a unique defensive move by Typhoon. So, apologies for the poor photography, but hopefully it will give you a Monday chuckle.

almost catch Typhoon

Frankie is cutting corners and is about to catch Typhoon.

jaws open

Jaws open . . . Typhoon rump exposed . . . This could be painful.

look of concern

Notice Typhoon’s face has gone from a smile to a look of concern.

Frankie missed

Typhoon pulls a rump tuck – a specialized move! Frankie missed!

Sep 282014

Those humans who decide to share their lives with Siberian Huskies learn a key phrase – “I don’t wanna.” That endearing streak of stubbornness has a real value as a sled dog – the ability to sense danger in a musher’s command and chose a safer alternative. However, it reveals itself differently in everyday life.

Yesterday, the Hu-dad needed to mow Sibe Quentin. Inmate lockdown – er, dogs in crates – has to be complete before the gates can be opened, so Hu-dad issued the Kennel Up command.

incomplete headcount

Headcount is not complete!

Natasha was already crated in the Hu-dad’s study as part of her TPLO surgery recovery. But where was the Cheesewhiz? The Warden – er, the Hu-dad – began a perimeter search.

Sunshine feels so good

What a beautiful fall day! Sunshine feels so good.

After calling for Cheesewhiz repeatedly, Hu-dad finally walked out into the yard to deal with that unique Siberian Husky Trait – Siberian Husky Selective Hearing. Arriving at her carefully landscaped section of the yard, Hu-dad asks if she plans to come inside with the rest of us.

I don't wanna

I don’t wanna. Oh, and yes, I am quite proud of my landscaping abilities.

Now long time readers know that Hu-dad is a movie fanatic. We don’t watch much TV around here, but we tend to watch 4-5 movies a week sprawled out in our den. This is important background, because Hu-dad’s reply to Cheoah’s, “I don’t wanna, ” went roughly like this:

didn't work out as planned

Wow, that didn’t work out as planned.

Sep 252014

We are having a terrific stretch of fall weather – cool, clear and sunny. Weather like this, of course, brings out our crop of sunning Sibes.

sunning Sibes

Beautiful sunny, cool fall weather makes perfect sunning Sibes time.

tasty grubs

The holes are Cheoah’s work hunting tasty grubs. No worries because Sibe Quentin fence line is buried deep into the ground.

naps with flair

Typhoon even naps with flair.

Sep 242014

Natasha has developed quite a nose for wine. No, really, check this out.

nose for wine

See that wine colored spot on Natasha’s nose? That is really wine. (And, yes, feel free to make fun of Hu-dad’s sleepy pants).

Recovering from TPLO surgery, Natasha spends most of her time in her crate. Importantly, Natasha can not have any wrestling time with the rest of The Herd, so either she is in her crate when any other pup is inside, or they are all in their crates or out in Sibe Quentin while she is out of her crate.

For a little change in scenery, Hu-dad lays in the floor with her during our nightly movie time while the rest of the Herd is hanging out in Sibe Quentin. And Hu-dad, of course, has a glass of wine sitting beside him on the floor. I bet no one out there can see this one coming.

natural disaster

Introducing the next character in our story – the walking natural disaster – Typhoon!

Typhoon, to put it mildly, is slippery. He made it in the house and proceeded at full zoomie speed around the house and directly at Hu-dad and Natasha quietly laying in the den floor. To protect Natasha, Hu-dad did a move that, in his mind at least, went something like this:

Sadly for Hu-dad, the real block involved sending a full glass of wine flying through the air. Natasha got one drop of wine on her nose. We will give that much to the Hu-dad. He blocked the remainder of that flying wine with his own clothes. Every last drop of it.

Way to sacrifice, Hu-dad!

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

P.S. – Just in case you do not know the whole story about that block in the video, here is one of many stories that was done. Natasha has suggested that her future security should be in uniform, too.

Sep 232014

Typhoon has been racing around the yard showing off his footwork. Dance like a butterfly. Sting like a . . . Typhoon.


Just doing a little zig . . .


. . . with a twist . . .


. . . and ending with a zag.

run around all day

Though I can’t figure out why the Hu-dad wants me to run around all day.