Jul 232014

It was the end of another work day and the hu-dad was looking for a quiet reading spot to catch up on a few things.  We tried to help.

quiet reading spot

The chaise lounge looks empty and would be a great quiet reading spot.

interrupting nap time

Kiska complained that hu-dad was interrupting her nap time.

scratch my ears

Hey, hu-dad, you could scratch my ears.

get bored

Qannik waits patiently, knowing that Natasha will wander off shortly.

perimeter patrol.

Soon enough, she is off to do a perimeter patrol.


Ooooooooh. Bug ! ! !

fluffy white dog

Now that they are both done, how about some ear scratching for a fluffy white dog?

stop reading and start scratching

I’ll make faces at you until you stop reading and start scratching.

Resist this face.

Go ahead. Resist this face.

Needless to say, the hu-dad melted and Q-tip received a nice, long ear scratch.

Jul 222014

One minute, you have everything under control.  You are getting your way.  And, then, how the tables turn.

Cheoah out for a stroll

Cheoah is out for her casual stroll through Sibe Quentin and decides to head back for the porch.

pouncing on return

Unfortunately, the Little Prince thinks the best game is pouncing on anyone returning to the porch.

ignoring the taunts

Don’t you just love the look on Cheoah’s face as she tries to ignore the taunts?

placed in time out

How the tables turn when Typhoon finds himself surrounded and placed in time out.

never grow up

“So, Frankie, do you think he will ever grow up?”
“Nope, never.”

Jul 212014

You know Typhoon as the impish Little Prince, always into mischief.  But he has been hiding something and, today, we reveal Typhoon’s big secret.

still in Jeep

Back from another great day of hiking and every other pup is out of the Jeep and playing in Sibe Quentin.

just jump down

So all I have to do is jump down and run to the yard.

Why don't I just jump down?

So why don’t I just jump down?

seen how far?

Have you seen how far down it is?

get me out of here

Now, hu-dad, put that camera down and get me out of here.

We can’t explain it.  The same dog who is perfectly comfortable walking along the back of the couches will not, for some odd reason, jump out of the Jeep.  He waits until the hu-dad offers his arms and then leaps into those arms.

Of course, there is an alternative explanation.  As the Little Prince, he may expect chauffeur service in exiting his limousine.


Jul 202014

We had another rainy, foggy, cool day.  We all have our opinions about this, but we decided we would share Kiska’s Weather Thoughts.

Hu-dad is responsible

Hu-dad, you are responsible for this weather.

no fun

And this soupy, foggy mess is no fun with my frizzy hair.

go find us better weather

So go find us some better weather.

wake me

Wake me when it is here.

Jul 192014

Yesterday was rainy, foggy, and cool.  Hu-dad thinks we were conspiring for a little team play.  What do you think?

Look at the weather

Sigh. Look at that weather.

surprise the juniors

Let’s team up and surprise the juniors. They will never expect it.

Meanwhile, . . .


Sigh. What should we do?

surprise the senior team

Let’s team up and surprise the seniors. They will never expect it.

Jul 172014

Yesterday was absolutely spectacular – sunny and cool for July, with a low of 49ºF and a high of 64ºF – so a perfect day for some snoozing siblings to enjoy the sun.  Frankie apparently wanted the sun more than Cheoah, but they both enjoyed the snuggly nap.

sunning and napping

A perfect day for sunning and napping.

snoozing and snuggling

Perfect day for snuggling and sleeping.

snoozing siblings

A perfect day for snoozing siblings.

Jul 162014

While his older brothers and sisters are napping in the mid-day heat, all the Prince of the Jungle can do is wait on them to wake up.

in the jungle

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

does not sleep

The Little Prince does not sleep today


Bet your humming the song now, aren’t you?

Jul 152014

Do you ever feel like someone is laughing behind your back?  A certain someone has that distinct feeling in today’s post.

racing around the house

So I was racing around the house. Is that really a reason I have to stay in your study for a while, hu-dad?

laughing behind my back

And why do I feel like someone is laughing behind my back?


Oh. Her.

Not the only one

I think she is gloating that I got caught and she didn’t.

Jul 142014

Like all great canine households, we have our routines.  One of those is that all dogs sleep inside at night (for safety because of the wild animals we have).  Of course, there is always a debate about when the bedtime protocol begins.

let's head inside

Ok, hu-dad, I am sure it is bedtime. Let’s head inside.

perimeter patrols

Still performing my perimeter patrols. Bedtime must wait.

sure it is bedtime

With all due respect, Your Highness, I am sure it is bedtime.

Security Alert

Security alert in Sector 4.

must be bedtime

Kiska gives up to0 easily. It must be bedtime.