Apr 202015

Vacation is terrific and we loved our week at the beach, but there is nothing like home sweet home. Here is how we celebrated our return.

ran and played

Some of us just ran and played in the yard (and, yes, Hu-dad needs to mow).

private rooms

Some of us settled into our own private rooms.

Siberian Games

And, yes. there were many Siberian Games.


Apr 192015

We walk on the beach every morning and every evening during our beach week vacations . . . and sometimes squeeze in a third daily family beach walk as well. For some odd reason, people think it is unusual for a Herd of Siberian Huskies to go walking on the beach.

Family Beach Walk

Family Beach Walk

We weren’t even the biggest crowd on the beach yesterday, as a lucky couple was having their wedding on the beach. Weirdly, Hu-dad would not let us run up to the bride and groom and wish them well.

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

Long time readers may remember the time we were walking on the beach and a couple was having their wedding portraits taken. The bride insisted that we join for a few shots. Hu-dad was incredibly nervous that we might cause havoc during that photo shoot. He was particularly nervous because they wanted us but NOT the Hu-dad in the pictures. To always keep him off-balance, we behaved and the photo session went well.

Family beach walk

No wedding party pictures yesterday just family beach walk.

We do have one theory as to why so many people stare at us during our beach walks. Anyone want to guess?


Typhoon being, well, Typhoon.

We often get asked if we ever get in the water. Frankie and Typhoon are quite clear that water that moves can not be trusted and Qannik prefers to avoid it (though has waded sometimes). The girls, however, do enjoy a little wading as long as the water does not get above their knees.

deep enough

Just about deep enough

Time to pack up and travel back home. We will be singing travel songs in the RV all day. Imagine Hu-dad’s excitement.

beach week

Ahhh – another great beach week comes to a close.

As always, thanks to the wonderful staff at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina. They do a terrific job and the park is beautiful. We will see you in the fall!


Apr 182015

No, no, no, we did not find a crow in a nest. Since we are at the beach on our S-RV excursion, we thought we would use a nautical term and talk about the crow’s nest – the structure on a ship for a lookout. The crow’s nest in our S-RV would be the Captain’s Chairs at the front of the S-RV – plenty of observation view with the big windows.

crow's nest

Typhoon manning the crow’s nest.

We realize that many of you will be asking why Queen Natasha the Evil doesn’t have this observation post. The answer is simple – such a duty is beneath the Queen. If something interesting happens, she might take over the crow’s nest (and no one would argue), but manning the observation post is usually for a junior member.

scanning the horizon

Scanning the horizon for the enemy.

Who might be the enemy? Squirrels. Rabbits. Other dogs. And the biggest enemy of them all . . . cats.

squirrel alert.

Hey, Herd, squirrel alert.

Sorry – have to go. The enemy is approaching.

Apr 172015

No matter how hard a group tries to have all of its members act in the same way, there is always one in every crowd who has to be a little different. For example, Hu-dad was working hard yesterday (like every day) to achieve a “Tired Sibe is a Good Sibe” by taking us on multiple walks. Let’s check in on the results.

Security Chief Kiska

Security Chief Kiska certainly seems to be very relaxed.

Snores from Cheesewhiz

Nothing but snores from Cheesewhiz.

So the rest of The Herd was napping just like this, right? Well, maybe not everyone.

fluff pillow

This ground does not fluff as well as my pillow at home.

bite into submission.

Maybe if I just bite it into submission.

standards of comfort

Hey, I have standards of comfort before I can nap.

Apr 162015

We are mountain dogs. Hiking trails. Snow. Hills. That is how you usually see us, so today’s post is the not the usual scenery. Though it is a lot of fun for a group of snow dogs to wander through the streets of Charleston, SC.

the battery

Yes, this would be the Battery in Charleston, SC.

to ourselves

We had it to ourselves thanks to the high winds and the surf splashing over the sidewalk.


Hey, Hu-dad, did you see that wave crash over our heads?

Hu-dad mumbled something about smelling wet dog all week long so what could a few waves possibly add. You would think he loves Eau de Wet Dog, but humans have the weirdest smell sense.

But like we say all of the time, sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers.

Qannik smelling flowers

Uh, Qannik, that is just an expression.

Apr 152015

After a couple of days of rain (with more predicted over the next couple of days), we received a welcome reprieve with a beautiful sunny, clear evening last night. With such beautiful weather, we were all savoring sunshine.

savoring sunshine

Ignore those puddles of water behind us because we are savoring sunshine!

Queen Natasha

Queen Natasha












Apr 142015

RVing is so much fun . . . except for rainy days in the RV. The only challenge is that when it rains, we are trapped in an RV. Most of the time, that means that we trapped for an hour or two while a little rainstorm passes over. But then there are days like yesterday when it just rains and rains and rains.


And we do mean it rained and rained and rained. (And, yes, that is our official campsite sign and mascots protecting our sign).

picket line

Our water bowls might have been full, but we were not hanging out on our campsite picket line.

Let’s turn to our fearless leader, Queen Natasha the Evil, to issue our official statement about the weather.



Apr 132015

What is twice as much fun as six Siberian Huskies? Why, an even dozen of Siberians, of course.

even dozen of Siberian Huskies

Count them carefully, but, yes that is an even dozen of Siberian Huskies.

In our continuing S-RV adventure, we visited some friends in Charleston, SC, and decided to go walking at James Island County Park. So, yes, we made quite the Siberian parade through the park.

quite the spectacle

For some odd reason, we were quite the spectacle!

Before we went to the park, we had a long walk at sunrise (something about being better behaved if we were a little tired). So let’s check in with Qannik and ask him if he enjoyed two long walks by mid-day.

check back later

We might need to check back in with Q later.

Don’t worry. We went on a third long walk at the end of the day. Such is the life of RVing with Siberian Huskies!

Apr 122015

As we mentioned yesterday, our weekend plans kicked into gear including both a long trip and hitchhikers.

Let’s start with the long trip part where Hu-dad loaded us into the S-RV (Siberian Recreational Vehicle, for those of you not up on your acronyms – or, as Hu-dad’s old employer used to call them – TLA’s – Three Letter Acronyms). The good part is that we have our own special room for traveling.

Siberian Husky Living Room

Every RV should have a Siberian Husky living room.

But then came the hitchhikers. The Hu-grandmom was meeting us for our RV excursion, but that meant we had to bring our cousins, Tartok and Ruby, with us. All great except that they don’t have crates in our living room, so they got to ride in the special digs up front.

Our hitchhikers

Our hitchhikers.

After nearly 8 hours in the RV, we finally arrived, took a really long walk, and then helped the Hu-dad set up our campsite.


Just like at home, we seem to help best by staying out of the way. Never has made sense to us.

And, of course, we reunited our cousins with our Hu-grandmom and her S-RV – right next door to us.


Our cousins settling in to their campsite.

Now all of this may seem idyllic, but we have to warn you about this last part. It is horrible – horrible – and we have even included a picture.

Can you believe that the humans had their dinner outside at the picnic table – right in front of all of us? And to make it worse, we weren’t given our dinner until after they ate.

The horror

The horror. The horror.

Once again, we have revealed exactly how rough of a life we live.

Apr 112015

The week is over, the weekend is here, and now is the time to ask if The Herd has some weekend plans.

entertain us

Hey, Hu-dad, entertain us.

Well, Typhoon, the Hu-dad might just have some plans for you. In fact, he was busy all day getting something really special ready. Want a hint?

Cheesewhiz RV Face

Cheesewhiz RV Face

As all long time readers know, the Cheesewhiz RV Face can mean only one thing – the Hu-dad is behind the wheel of the RV once again taking us off on another adventure. Is everyone ready?

We're in

We’re in.

Get ready, dear readers, for another Siberian RV adventure!