Oct 252014

When it comes to fuzzy belly rubs, the all-time expert must be the wooly-coated Miss Kiska. She flops upside down with a loud crash and humans ignore her command for belly rubs at their own peril.

belly is ready

My belly is ready. Get rubbing.

Of course, in a multiple dog household, there is always someone who wants to intrude into belly rub time.

belly rub time

Oooooooh, belly rub time.

back off Q-tip

Back off, Q-Tip, this is my time.

Oct 242014

End of the week. End of the week. Yes, it is Friday in the office and it has been a long week. Oh, sure, the Hu-dad tries to get a lot of work done in his study, but he has two full-time companions now that Cheoah and Natasha are both recovering from their TPLO surgery.

snore loudly

What do you mean I snore loudly?

Cheoah is quite the snorer. She can get the Hu-dad really tickled while he is working because of all of the snoring. Oh, sure, he has worked in plenty of offices through the years where co-workers may not have been the most industrious, but he doesn’t remember anyone who snored this loudly in an office.

talk too much

But when I am awake, the Hu-dad complains that I talk too much.

Long-time readers will remember that we used to call Cheoah the “I wanna” dog. Why? Because she would constantly vocalize her “I wanna’s” at a very loud volume. Let’s just say that her vocal demands have returned with a vengeance.

difficult patient

And you thought I was going to be the difficult patient.

Oct 232014

Ever have what you think is going to be a perfect photograph, only to discover that all you captured was a photo blooper?

Tree of Life

Frankie and Typhoon enjoying the Tree of Life.

Because the ashes of Rusty and Kodiak are spread around its base, the Tree of Life is special to us. It is also a focal point in the center of Sibe Quentin and often featured in our photographs.

Hu-dad was sitting on the picnic table and realized that Frankie was about to frame himself perfectly in between a split in the trunk of the Tree of Life. Hu-dad focused the camera and waited for Frankie to move into position. In a split second, Hu-dad took this picture.

private moment

Oh, you said cheese. I thought you said pee.

So much for the perfect photograph.

Oct 222014

We have hit a stretch of perfect fall weather – cool, sunny and beautiful. Time to hang out in the yard under the Tree of Life and enjoy nature. Of course, it is always easier to relax when you know someone has got your back.

hang out in the yard

What a perfect day! Let’s go hang out in the yard!

Tree of Life

Laying in the sun under the Tree of Life.

got your back

Go ahead and nap if you want, Frankie. I’ve got your back.

Oct 212014

Another week has passed during our double TPLO recovery. Natasha has now passed the five week mark while Cheoah is at her week 2 anniversary.

give it to me straight

Give it to me straight, doc!

In a visit to the surgeon yesterday, Cheoah had her sutures removed. The doctor is very pleased with her progress thus far.  Much like Natasha at that stage, Cheoah’s knee is feeling good and she wants to use it, but she has four more weeks of closely supervised bathroom breaks while supported on the sling. The rest of the time is spent in crate rest. Trust us when we say Cheesewhiz can be quite vocal about her discontent of being crated all of the time.

The good news is that she finished her last medicines today, so she is medication free from now on.

Natasha napping

Natasha napping in her crate.

Natasha is entering her last week of sling supported walks. Next Monday, she will have x-rays done to confirm that the bone has healed sufficiently to begin walking exercises to rehabilitate the muscles. We are all quite excited to hit that milestone next week.

Oct 202014

Whenever the Hu-dad fires up the grill, the grill helpers quickly appear. You know, just in case something might be dropped and need to be cleaned up.

smell of a grill

Sniff. Mmmmmmmm. I love the smell of a grill in the evening.

coking our dinner

You’re cooking our dinner, right, Hu-dad?

Oct 192014

When you are the youngest dog in The Herd, you have one question on your mind at all time, “Is it play time yet?”

Whatcha doing?

Hey, Frankie. Whatcha doing on the picnic table? Wanna play?

we can run

Come on down, big brother. We can run and play and run and wrestle and run . . .

come on

Cheoah can’t play for weeks so you get me 24/7. Aren’t you lucky?

play time

Oh, boy, oh, boy, it’s play time!

ready to rumble

Get ready to rumble!

Oct 182014

After yesterday’s post about the exploding bed, Qannik was asked if his dorkiness wasn’t an act. So, today, he wants to demonstrate his serious stalking skills.

stalking his prey

The mighty hunter is stalking his prey.

quarry hiding in fear

The hunter knows that his quarry is hiding in fear.

Kiska's bed

Even if the target is only Kiska’s bed, the hunter stays focused.

too graphic

Our apologies, but the rest of the hunting scenes are just too graphic for a family blog.

Oct 172014

After several days of rain, the sun was finally peeking from behind the clouds. Hu-dad took advantage of the drier weather by hanging up some of our dog beds outside (something about removing some sort of smell he noticed). imagine his surprise when he looked outside to discover one of those great unexplained mysteries.

what happened?

What happened to my bed? My poor bed exploded.

Someone has been shredding a bed.

Hu-dad! Come quick! Someone has been shredding my bed!


Yes, Hu-dad, what would you like to discuss?

mess someone made

Why, yes, this is quite a mess someone made.

Gotta go.

Things to do. Gotta go.

Looks like Kiska gets a brand new bed this weekend!

Oct 162014

With Queen Natasha the Evil still in recovery from her TPLO surgery, Kiska is working solo handling all of the security details.

perimter secure

Fence perimeter secure. Check.

small critters

Scanning for small critters in the field.

next sector

Hustling to the next sector.

security is exhausting

Security is exhausting work.

As the Queen’s right paw, Kiska has long handled security detail. But when she has sounded the alarm, Natasha has raced down to take over defense measures (which, of course, primarily involves being loud). Right now, Kiska’s back up consists of Qannik, Frankie and Typhoon – and Kiska does not seem to be impressed with their abilities.

Hang in there, Kiska, Natasha will be back soon.