March 25, 2020

Mighty Squirrel Hunters


When we returned from our afternoon walk, our mortal enemy waited for us. The mighty squirrel hunters scrambled, but did they win?

The evil squirrel taunted us from our tree
The evil squirrel taunted us from his our tree

The squirrel population has exploded around us. They scamper through the yard, up the trees, and from branch to branch. We invite them “to play” but they refuse (How Rude!). But when one hung out in the tree in our very own front yard as we came back from our walk, enough was enough.

Come down here right now!
Come down here right now!

Roscoe and Typhoon did their absolute best sweet talking, but the squirrel did nothing but scamper to a higher branch and then scold them. Don’t worry though, Hu-Dad suggested we move along and ignore it.

Are you kidding? I'm not leaving this spot
Are you kidding? I’m not leaving this spot

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  1. The squirrels love to tease Rebel. There is one that really loves to annoy him. When he is on my front deck, it will climb into the tree in front of the deck and scold him. When he walks to the edge of the deck to glare at it, the squirrel scampers out on a branch and jumps over his head to the awning over the deck and then onto the roof. Rebel gets so annoyed with it.


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