March 24, 2020

The Meaning of Purvis


Why oh why do we call Roscoe Purvis? The secret is revealed (and it only requires a little knowledge of law enforcement in Hazzard County).

You're going to love this
You’re going to love this

Many dogs who have come to Chez Herd have required a name adjustment. Typhoon, for example, came to us named Ty, but the Hu-Dad likes two syllable names for clarity in a larger pack (a reader suggested the natural disaster name). Roscoe, however, came with his name and we never changed it. But how did Purvis get attached?

We're all waiting to hear this
We’re all waiting to hear this

We’ll warn you—this is obscure. In the TV show Dukes of Hazzard of the 70’s and 80’s, the Duke brothers’ nemesis was Hazzard County Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrain. And what did the P stand for? Why, Purvis, of course.

Don't bother me. I have squirrels to chase
Don’t bother me. I have squirrels to chase

Now for the real trivia. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrain did not first appear in Dukes of Hazzard any more than the Duke boys did. The popular TV show was based on a movie released several years earlier—Moonrunners starring James Mitchum and narrated by Waylon Jennings—where the Dukes were a family of moonshiners. Bet you never saw that movie.

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  1. I will admit to NOT seeing that movie-Hu-Dad! I am happy that you found a great attachment(aka Nickname) to Roscoe’s name!!! Good job.


  2. Good one! I cannot believe my husband didn’t get this one!! He drives me crazy with past TV trivia. Thanks for the fluffy distractions ????


  3. I feel like I’m under house ???? arrest. No church meetings, no choir rehearsal, no trips to the grocery store, no trips to the movies, ECT in Waco, Texas. How’s life in your part of the woods? Luna says to tell The Herd “hello” for her. FYI: Luna is a black minipoo who is spoiled rotten!


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