March 26, 2020

Keeping Humans Entertained


We working breeds are forever being asked to take on new tasks and our latest is keeping humans entertained while they are stuck at home.

Thinking about the task list...keeping humans entertained
Thinking about the task list…keeping humans entertained

Our humans are staying close to the house. Every day. Every single day. They aren’t going anywhere except to take us on really, really long walks. Outside of ear scratches, belly rubs, and walks, we are running out of ideas to keep them entertained and out of trouble.

Apparently squirrel watching is not as fun for them as it is for Roscoe
Apparently squirrel watching is not as fun for them as it is for Roscoe

Don’t worry, though, we are doing are best to keep their days fun and busy as possible. Hope you are doing the same at your homes.

Hey, Hu-Dad, let me in so I can go out
Hey, Hu-Dad, let me in so I can go out

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  1. I’m sure Roscoe will “think” of more things to keep the humans busy!!! We are all going through a tough time and I am so thankful for my dogs to keep me busy(Like letting in and letting them out-lol!)


  2. Rebel agrees with the Herd. My Siberian is doing his best to keep me entertained when he is not sleeping. He is going to be 11 in a couple of weeks. A friend complained to me, in a phone call, that they did not like being stuck in their house alone so much. I told her that I was not alone, I have Rebel. His company and antics make this time so much easier. Every weekday morning, I look forward to seeing that you boys have been up to. You are all so beautiful and so good at entertaining your Hu-mans. Stay well.


  3. That is why I have said dogs are good for the human soul. They make us get exercise when we don’t want to (on cold days, wet days, hot days etc) and they love and entertain us unconditionally. We will never be without dogs even as we get old old. Of course we will have a backup plan on where they will go as we get older (but we have that now being younger-at least younger in our minds haha).


  4. Times like this make me glad to be a ” crazy dog lady”. We only have 3 now, which is small for us. Age has taken so many…so I’m glad to have my Sibes and my recently adopted Dalmatian. They keep me laughing. Thank you for sharing your Herd with us. Their antics remind us, life goes on. One day Roscoe, that Squirrel will be yours! ❤


  5. Ahhhh! The old ‘let me in so I can go out’ game! It has not gotten old in 13.5 years!!! Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these sibies from the swift completion of their appointed rounds of in and out and out and in! (slightly altered from the postman motto = ) )


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