March 23, 2020

Nickname Game


Our Hu-Dad is forever giving us new nicknames, but we are stumped by Roscoe’s newest. Can you help us with this nickname game?

Roscoe zooming around the yard
Roscoe zooming around the yard

So many great nicknames in our Herd over the years. Queen Natasha the Evil captured the spirit of both our bossiest and most mischievous member. Rusty the Rooster evoked his fun-loving and playful nature. And even in our current clan, His Highness Little Prince Typhoon Phooey sums up our most aloof, Frankie Suave focuses on our eldest’s calm nature, and Boom Boom displays Landon’s bouncy nature.

Roscoe challenges Natasha to a game
Roscoe challenges Typhoon to a game

So why has Roscoe earned the name “Purvis?” We challenge you to leave your best guess in the comments with only one rule—don’t use Google. Yes, the answer is that obvious, but it will take a trivia minded thought process.

Purvis escaping the Little Prince's chomp
Purvis escaping the Little Prince’s chomp

Yes, we will give you the answer tomorrow!

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  1. I know Melvin Purvis was an agent who chased some of the most well known criminals in his time. He is credited with the killing of Pretty Boy Floyd. But none of that makes sense for Roscoe. Which means there is a definition for the word that I have no clue of. ????????


  2. All I could like of is what my parents used to say “nervous Pervis” but that probably isn’t it because it doesn’t fit. Very intrigued and sooooo hard not to google this. 🙂


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