January 13, 2020

Frankie’s New Snoozervising Spot


With the fence and decks finally completed on the new house, Frankie’s new snoozervising spot has been claimed by Mr. Suave.

Isn't this the perfect snoozervising spot?
Isn’t this the perfect snoozervising spot?

While the younger boys enjoy the yard, Frankie has claimed the main level deck as the perfect snoozervising spot. The roof provides shelter from rain and sunshine, the open sides capture the breezes off the marsh, and the view is perfect.

Frankie watching the marsh...and the birds.
Frankie watching the marsh…and the birds.

The best part of the new deck is how peaceful and quiet it can be—the birds chirping in the background, the wind rustling through the trees, the solitude of the marsh. It’s enough to make a canine sleepy.

Yawn. The best part of a snoozervising spot is the snooze.
Yawn. The best part of a snoozervising spot is the snooze.

Unfortunately, there is one slight design flaw that makes the spot not quite the perfect location. Frankie has asked the Hu-Dad to address this issue soon before too many naps are interrupted.

Little brothers like Boom Boom also have access to Frankie's private spot.
Woo, Big Brother. I didn’t disturb your nap, did I?

P.S. – We don’t always link over to the Hu-Dad’s website, but he shared A Crappy Little Short Story last week…and we are the stars!

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  1. Frankie-it DOES look like you found a wonderful spot to SNOOZE but you get disturbed!! I loved the story that Hu-Dad did that you were in(A Crappy Little Short Story) too!!!


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