April 22, 2019

Cheesewhiz Spring Snow Reaction


We woke up Sunday morning to a light dusting of snow on the ground here at Chez Herd and the Cheesewhiz spring snow reaction was classic.

What is that stuff doing on the ground?
What is that stuff doing on the ground?

Now we Siberian Huskies love our snow. And the youngsters were playing in it even though very little accumulated. But a certain senior redhead was unimpressed when she saw what greeted her.

Just a little bit of snow, sis.
Just a little bit of snow, sis.

Miss Cheoah decided the boys could play outside all they wanted, but she had much better plans, especially after she heard Hu-Dad building a fire in the fireplace.

Someone let me know when spring returns.
Someone let me know when spring returns.

Movie Memory Monday

You might consider it surprising that Cheoah wasn’t impressed with the snow, but understand she loves snow…when it is deep and fun. Take this week’s Movie Memory Monday as an example—Snow Day.

Plus, you get to see a young Typhoon as a bonus!

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  1. Miss Cheoah-don’t blame you for opting to stay on the couch with the nice fire that Hu-Dad built. I did enjoy watching you though in that DEEP snow from the Monday Video that Hu-Dad posted. I really hope the REAL Spring will stay very soon and nice sunshine for you to bask in!


  2. My first thought when I saw the picture of Miss Cheoah on the porch was that she was thinking that Hu-Dad needs to build her a fire! And he did!


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