February 11, 2019

Burning Energy Before Bedtime


Our afternoon walk was curtailed because of some cold, rainy weather, but we were still burning energy before bedtime rolled around.

Typhoon and Roscoe burning energy in the study.
Typhoon and Roscoe burning energy in the study.

Sunday morning dawned with a typical clouds and fog of winter, so we took off on our normal morning walk. But, as afternoon came to Chez Herd, our weather had turned nasty and cold. Some rain mixed with a little sleet and freezing rain made for a not fun walk (at least for the humans), so the Hu-Dad suggested we find another way to burn energy.

The combatants are wearing down.
The combatants are wearing down.

For some really weird reason, the Hu-Dad was smiling by the time our wrestling matches were ending.

Why would this make the Hu-Dad smile?
Why would this make the Hu-Dad smile?

Movie Memory Monday

The good news is that our weather was not as cold and frigid as found in this week’s Movie Memory Monday, aptly named Frigid Morning Friends. Bundle up in your heavy coats for this one.

Frigid Morning Friends
Click image to see this week’s Movie Memory Monday

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  1. Whoa-it must be fun to watch the herd burn off energy! WHY is the Hu-Dad happy to see the herd all calmed down? Peace and quiet-SSHH!


  2. LOVED the video of Boom Boom and Cheezewhiz enjoyed the LOVELY cold weather!! I don’t blame the humans for staying inside nice and cozy!


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