Rainy Weather Excursion

Despite our nasty weather, Landon bravely headed into the yard to handle some necessary business via rainy weather excursions.

No one told me it was raining.
No one told me it was raining.

The temperatures remained above freezing, but our Monday was still quite cloudy and dreary with lots of showers. Unfortunately, bad weather does not provide an excuse to avoid those necessary trips to the yard.

Let's get this over with.
Let’s get this over with.

Despite Boom Boom’s bouncy reputation, he can be efficient when he needs to be. Such was the case yesterday and he quickly returned to the warm, dry comfort of the house after handling business.

These rainy weather excursions are no fun.
These rainy weather excursions are no fun.

11 thoughts on “Rainy Weather Excursion”

  1. Dumb question but do you have a “doggie door” so they can come and go into the house? I removed one of the sliding glass doors from the kit/dining room to the outside partially covered deck and put in a Larson metal/window door that has a large pet door vinyl replaceable flap(replaced once from wear and tear, fortunately not a chewed item!) bought from Lowe’s and DIY project. Blankets on vinyl floor near doggie door to absorb some of the wet and dirt brought into the house by the husky and malamute traffic. My contribution for the day! When they get into the self made “mud” holes it ain’t pretty!

    • We wish the Hu-Dad would get us a doggie door. He can be soooo slow in opening the door for us when we want in and out and in and out and in and out and…

      But, for some odd reason, he likes to frisk us upon re-entry to the house. And then he confiscates our “prizes” like voles and rabbits. Can you believe he doesn’t let us bring them inside and hide them for those times you need an emergency snack?

      • Ahhhh yes…we certainly regretted the doggie door access/egress we installed in one of our houses when I found a partially dismembered rabbit in the middle of my bed one evening! {{covered eyes}} {{crying eyes}} #gooddoggie? #atleastitwasntacat #thatalmosthappenedtoo

        • The good points out weigh the bad points in my opinion but we did have a live baby possum brought in one night and that was “fun” catching the possum!

      • I can see your point! HuDad is the boss and will give it some consideration if you huskies cooperate!

  2. Husky yard snacks are almost as good as “old road kill” snacks. Top of the mountain dead Porcupine snack was my all time favorite.

  3. We have been having some awful weather here too. Hope the spring weather is here sooner then we think. There was no messing around when they were doing their business. Right back into the nice warm house. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great day.

  4. We”re sick of cloudy,dreary, rainy (or worse– freezing rain!!) The occasional snow storm isn’t bad… just too bad when it changes to rain/freezing rain😬… we’re praying for a nice loooooong
    stretch of dry,SUNNY weather…wind is fine,just more rain☔

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