February 10, 2019

Blurry Action Photos


Sometimes it is because we are moving so fast and sometimes it’s because the photographer blew it,—either way, here are some blurry action photos.

Typhoon and Roscoe games
Typhoon and Roscoe games

Hu-Dad has a few jobs to get done every day. Our meals should be on time. Our beds properly fluffed. The door opened to allow us in and out about eleventy-seven bazillion times. And to take a few clear photos of us in action.

Blurry action photos are not clear, Hu-Dad.
Blurry action photos are not clear, Hu-Dad.

He was muttering something about poor lighting and f-stops and shutter speed, but we will include it in his next performance review.

Hu-Dad might need an "action" plan.
Hu-Dad might need an “action” plan.

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  1. Maybe because you silly sibes MOVE SO FAST Hu-Dad has a very hard time getting clear pictures! Blurry or not-I love all the photos of the HERD!


  2. Oh my Hu-dad I think your raise may be in jeopardy… bad pictures…. late bed times…. insufficient wood on the fire… It’s so sad how badly they are treated ????????????????


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