January 12, 2019

Frankie Fan Club


After we posted the other day about Typhoon’s magnetic personality, the Frankie fan club asked if he wasn’t the preferred brother among the Herd.

But, of course I am.
But, of course I am.

Frankie is the big brother, the calm, even-centered personality that everyone leans on for that zen-like feeling. He is steady, predictable, and all the boys look to him as their leader and mentor. Thus, everyone in The Herd is part of the Frankie Fan Club. But he doesn’t have a bad boy bone in his body, so Typhoon is the kid in the leather jacket that everyone thinks is “cool.”

But I go anywhere I want, whenever I want, without any challenge.
But I go anywhere I want, whenever I want, without any challenge.

Isn’t that life? The good guys are always there for you, but the bad guys are fun to hang out with.

Just don't go too far, big bro.
Just don’t go too far, big bro.

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  1. I LOVE the whole Chez Herd and Frankie is a wonderful “leader”. TYphoon Phooey is funny and yes goofy and Cheoah is the sweet girl of the group!. I look forward each morning to the adventures that Hu-Dad posts!


  2. Good, bad or just plain silly I just love them all. Probably 5 of the luckiest Huskies around. So happy to see a new adventure each day.


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