Left Behind Guilt

Hu-Dad left Chez Herd for a few hours yesterday without taking us, so we had to heap lots of guilt on him for being left behind.

We were all alone!
We were all alone!

Since our Hu-Dad does his busyness from the study in our house, he rarely leaves the house during the week. And on those occasions when he does have to run some errands, one or all of us get to go. So imagine our shock, our horror, when he said he would be gone all afternoon yesterday. Yep, we were left behind.

Don't ever, ever leave me again.
Don’t ever, ever leave me again.

We are all fairly good at heaping guilt on the Hu-Dad, but Roscoe might be the best. Since he has come to Chez Herd, he has become quite the Daddy’s Boy. All of these photos came from the snuggle session that happened last night after our Hu-Dad finally returned.

I'm keeping my eyes on you.
I’m keeping my eyes on you.

11 thoughts on “Left Behind Guilt”

  1. Oh the horror! You mean he actually left you guys alone all afternoon? Totally unacceptable! I feel so Guilty when I go to work in the morning and the puppies are left behind. They look so sad. Sadly I can not bring them with me.

  2. POOR babies-being left ALL alone while Hu-Dad goes off to do who knows what? It is adorable though how Roscoe has become Daddy’s Boy so quickly and won’t let him forget how sad this day was-never again please Hu-Dad!!! Our boy is so lucky in that we are retired and except for a few doctor visits and going to the supermarket-he is never alone. BUT at the same time-the Herd is very fortunate the Hu-Dad gets to do his busyness from the study MOST of the time!

  3. Roscoe probably thought Hu-Dad was never coming back. Sure does help when the rest of the Herd is around to comfort each other and reassure the new guy. A Husky is sooo good at laying a guilt trip on you. For my crazy girl, with severe separation anxiety, 5 minutes alone in the house brings on an attack.

  4. Those eyes! They sure show his love for daddy! Thankful for the life he’s found and the LOVE!! A VERY happy Roscoe!!

    I’m sure the others put their guilt trips on too!

  5. Mom ‘n Ebby say: Poor Roscoe, he must’ve had a pretty insecure “childhood” to be THAT clingy. He almost acts like he’d prefer to be an “only child”!

  6. Do all the dogs have to go in crates when you are gone or do the ones that behave get to stay out? We always let our dogs if they were trustworthy stay out and the ones that were not were in wire crates like yours. They never teased the ones in crates but then we did not have 5 or 6 dogs.

    • For some odd reason (and a wee bit of history), we are all crated when no one is home to supervise. The indignity of it all!

      Good thing someone is usually here.

  7. Charlee: “Hmm, heaping guilt. Interesting approach. Does it work well?”
    Chaplin: “We cats usually go with the brutal snub, but we’d be willing to try something else if it means more treats and attention.”

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