January 2, 2019

Undeck The Halls


New Year’s Day is the traditional time we take down the Christmas decoration. A certain pup decided to help undeck the halls.

I took this down all by myself. Undeck the halls
I took this down all by myself.

Lights were unplugged. Ornaments were removed. Wreaths were taken off walls. And at least one wreath was the subject of a game of keep away. Typhoon must have decided he wanted to keep a taste of Christmas handy.

Why can't I keep it, human?
Why can’t I keep it, human?

Much to the Little Prince’s horror, the humans refused to let him decorate the house in his own special way and took the wreath back. Typhoon mumbled something about Bah Humbug!

The face.
The face.

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  1. Don’t worry Typhoon-the decorations will be back next year. Hu-Dad cannot let you decorate the house yourself(and I can just imagine how many pieces that would entail?). Just think of of all the snow and fun winter will bring!


  2. Typhoon was just getting his entry for HGTV ready. They do have those competitions for new hosts you know…Prince Phooey wants to be the first k9 entry! I guess Hu Dad doesn’t get creativity (wink wink). I suggest a painting of all of the Herds paw prints. Makes a nice gift! After all…who could resist that face?


  3. That face says it all… Sabo the German Shepherd Attorney at Paw was contacted but he was unfortunately busy defending his brother Maximus the Tibetan Mastiff for a similar crime as Max decided to remove the Santa ornaments and make a game of chase with his female servant
    Sabo suggested Typhoon plead no contest and since there was no damage there would be no jail time


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