December 31, 2018

Resolution Time


Hu-Dad suggested to Typhoon that New Year’s Eve was resolution time – the moment to pledge improvements for the coming year.

How could I possibly improve on my perfection?
How could I possibly improve on my perfection?

When Typhoon expressed confusion over why he would need any sort of improvement, Hu-Dad rattled off a list of possibilities. Being nicer to others in the house. Obeying commands. Less counter surfing or thievery in general. Not waking the Hu-Dad up in the middle of the night to check if any rabbits have entered the yard.

I'm comfortable with my talents in those departments.
I’m comfortable with my talents in those departments.

Hu-Dad’s list did provoke one thought, one possible area that Typhoon felt he could get better. So he has set his sights on this target and promises to work extra hard.

I vow to catch a record number of rabbits this year.
I vow to catch a record number of rabbits this year.

Movie Memory Monday

While Hu-Dad and Typhoon discuss his goals for the coming year, we thought we would share our final Movie Memory Monday for the year. Frankie is always quite enthusiastic about meal time and even has his own special dance. We captured it on video and share it with you this week – Breakfast Dance (which looks a lot like the Dinner Dance).

Breakfast Dance
Click on the image to visit this week’s Movie Memory Monday.

We wish all of our readers a very Happy and Fulfilling 2019. If you are celebrating this New Year’s Eve, please stay safe! (We will be curling up for sleep at the usual time).

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  1. Prince Typhoon Phooey-is catching MORE rabbits the only thing you can improve on this coming year? I think IF you worked REALLY hard-you could do a better job on some of the others Hu-Dad has suggested! Maybe NOT waking him up with the click click of your paws in the middle of the night to catch said rabbits? Happy New Year to all the Herd and Hu-Dad and family!


  2. My girl Ruby agrees with Typhoon, how could Hu-Dad expect a Husky to obey commands and stop being a thief, when that is what we do to perfection. A Happy New Year to all.


  3. Wow Frankie… singing and dancing!! Very talented!!
    Typhoon’s expression says it All…No need to improve!!
    Happy New Year to all of the Herd and family,also the”extended family”-who follow your stories+share some of their own!!????


  4. Wow Frankie! You got some swinging dance moves! Looks good buddy! Best wishes on your New Year resolution Typhoon. That’s a great lofty goal (Run bunnies!!!).


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