December 30, 2018

Cheesewhiz Diet


The boys were subjected to the Cheesewhiz diet at dinner last night and were not too happy about it. Cheoah didn’t care to hear their complaints.

Must be about time for dinner.
Must be about time for dinner.

Hu-Dad called dinner time and the boys raced to their crates. Cheoah, however, had more important things to do and spent time finishing her exploration of the yard. After all, she understands from long experience that Hu-Dad doesn’t serve dinner until everyone is settled, so the meal would wait on her arrival.

Is that the boys' whining I hear?
Is that the boys’ whining I hear?

While the boys complained about the unfairness of it all, Hu-Dad simply waited on our resident redhead to finish her excursion. Once she was settled and ready, the meal was served. The boys survived the delay.

Notice how sorry I feel for the boys.
Notice how sorry I feel for the boys.

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  1. Cheoah IS not going to let her brothers whining stop her from exploring the yard. When the QUEEN is ready-you all shall eat-lol! You are the best Cheezewiz.


  2. Cheoh is still in charge, and I love it! She knew the boys were waiting. I can see her doing the Husky slow “Mosey”. This made me giggle…thanks Cheez! Keep up the tricks on those young ones. You’ll get them whipped into shape????????


  3. HaHaHa…the Husky SLOW MOSEY! HILLARIOUS!!!
    I always call it “the Raymond walk”…after a funny episode of Everybody Loves Raymond,when he did a VERY SLO-MO walk!!
    I didn’t know they all did that!!! Too funny!!!
    WooWoo Cheoah!!!


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