April 10, 2018

Blanket Shortage In The Hu-Dad’s Study


Folks, we have a crisis that must be solved – a blanket shortage in the Hu-Dad’s study that has resulted in drastic action by one member of The Herd.

Frankie Suave - The original blanket hoarder
Frankie Suave – The original blanket hoarder

We have lots and lots of napping spots. We have crates for each of us in the bedroom. We have crates for each of us on the deck. We also, for those trying to keep count, have crates for each of us in the S-RV and the Jeep, for a total of 19 crates, though only the bedroom and deck are relevant to today’s story. And, of course, we have various couches, human beds, rugs, sunbeam spots, and even a picnic table for napping.

Boom Boom on the blanket that was originally Frankie's
Boom Boom on the blanket that was originally Frankie’s

The problem is that the boys want to nap in Hu-Dad’s study while he works on his busyness in there (clacking away on the computer doing something that earns kibble, but we don’t understand the details). Frankie drug a blanket into the study one day for comfort.

You should know that Frankie is a fluffer. He has to turn and twist and fluff the blanket over and over and over until it qualifies for sleeping position, but often ends up in a knot. Then he turns to Hu-Dad, who has to stop his busyness and come straighten out the blanket. That worked well for a while except Landon likes napping beside Frankie and Frankie decided that the blanket wasn’t big enough for the two of them. That led to the first picture where Frankie earned his own blanket and Landon slept on the blanket formerly belonging to Frankie.

We seem to have a blanket shortage.
We seem to have a blanket shortage.

Typhoon, who has always napped just fine without a blanket, has realized that he doesn’t have a blanket of his own.

So, guess what?

Yep, now there are three blankets in Hu-Dad's study.
Yep, now there are three blankets in Hu-Dad’s study.

Hu-Dad was mumbling something about “high maintenance” and we think that has something to do with the altitude of our house in the mountains.

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  1. Hu-dad, do you read these replys? I have at least 20 used blankets from thrift shops that get rotated and washed weekly at the laundromat for my several Siberians. Checkout the thrift shops in your area or go to the GoodWill “bins” in Asheville for them. Just a suggestion!


    1. Yes, we require the Hu-Dad to read each and every reply. After giving us meals. And treats. And scratching our ears. And letting us in and out and in and out.

      For some odd reason, Hu-Dad has built up a closet full of blankets. Our challenge is getting him to pull them out and place them in strategic spots. That is why Frankie drug the first blanket into the study by himself.


      1. Stupid humans…..making us carry our own blankets…that’s why I just stop my human with my body and talk until my point gets across…or he returns from whence he came doing his busyness from on kibble earner or the other earner busyness. Eventually he’ll have to come thru my toll hallway and do as I say…I have the path to both the room the humans seem to prefer defacing with their bathroom habits instead of the perfectly good yard, as well as their crates with their beds in them, blocked until they give me what I demand.

        – Leena


  2. hello thundering herd its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel yoo no yoo can never hav too menny blankits!!! plus that partikyoolar color combinayshun is gud kamofladj to go undetekted in the study am i rite??? ok bye


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