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Feety-Feet Grandmaster Champion

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We shared recently how the Little Prince is an expert in paw placement while napping. Yesterday, he achieved Feety-Feet Grandmaster Champion status.

Why is the camera clicking while I am napping?
Why is the camera clicking while I am napping?

We invite you to study that picture. Marvel at the feety-feet placement. Be amazed that he can jump up and race off at the mere suspicion that a rabbit has approached his yard. And, most of all, question how that can possibly be comfortable enough to sleep soundly for hours on end.

Yes, folks, that is the Double Leg Cross Crossover – aka – The Triple Cross. Left rear leg over right rear leg. Right front paw over left front paw. And, for difficulty points, the front crossed paws crossed over the rear crossed paws. A 9.9 for one leg not being quite as tight in formation as it could have been. Still, let’s just all bow and declare him the world champion and be done.

Feety-Feet Grandmaster Champion
Feety-Feet Grandmaster Champion

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6 thoughts on “Feety-Feet Grandmaster Champion

  1. I agree! he is the WORLD’S CHAMPION in feet placement-for sure!!! I don’t know either how Little Prince can be comfortable BUT it looks like he is!! Way to go buddy!!!

  2. Mom sez: Am still trying to figure out how he managed to get his feet where they are ……………….. Only Typhoon! Does get into that same position often, or is this a “fluke”, never to be repeated?

    • Never seen that particular configuration, though he rarely sleeps “normal.” Come to think of it, he rarely does anything “normal.”

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