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Friendly Stares Answering Hu-Dad Questions

A silence descended on Chez Herd, which always makes the Hu-Dad ask what everyone is up to. The answer was confined to some friendly stares.

Why do you ask?
Why do you ask?

Any human who lives in a multi-canine household understands that lots of noise could be interpreted as trouble. But, worse, total silence can mean trouble squared. So when Hu-Dad didn’t hear a peep, he decided to ask what was going on.

Nothing happening here.
Nothing happening here.

The real question for everyone is to decide whether you believe in the innocence of all of these canines. Such sweet faces wouldn’t cause problems, would they?

Just another one of the friendly stares of innocence.
Just another one of the friendly stares of innocence.

6 thoughts on “Friendly Stares Answering Hu-Dad Questions”

  1. It’s hard to wonder what’s going on behind those beautiful eyes???? WHAT are they thinking? They are all gorgeous!!

  2. Hmmmm i understand hu-dads concern. For here at Koda and Hazels house it usually means that there is a hole that has been dug. Lol

  3. All their faces are expressive, but I don’t think any are more expressing than Frankie and Qs. Something just sings about theirs to me.

  4. Mom sez: There MUST be SOMETHING afoot, especially for Landon to be so quiet. Frankie and Qannik being older, well, a little more subdued than normal maybe, but Landon, I dunno! Guess you’ll have to wait and see where the next “land mine” blows up.

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