April 6, 2018

So Many Reader Temptations


We suspect that many of you will struggle with the various reader temptations that today’s photographs present. Which is your vice?

So many reader temptations
So many reader temptations

We expect that many of you are currently kissing your fingertips after banging them into the screen trying to pluck Boom Boom’s molting fur. Hu-Dad admits that plucking is a favorite vice of his and Landon seems to enjoy the attention. Of course, he also seems to be an endless fountain of loose fur.

Others are wondering where the front half of Boom Boom’s nose is and what is he snorfing in the ground. Yes, snorfing is an actual word. It’s in the dictionary. At least, our dictionary. We expect Oxford and Webster to catch up any day now.

For the very few of you left who have not been tempted by something yet, we give you the mud mustache. We know you can’t resist that.

So, dear readers, which is your vice?

The mud mustache
The mud mustache

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  1. Landon you must let Hu-dad de-floof you! You are such a happy boy! You make me smile all day! Hu-dad do you collect the fur and let someone spin it into wool then crochet or knit with it? How is Hu-Grandmom and her dogs? Love to all the herd.


  2. Always have the plucking urge. I’ve been doing it for ten years and had quite a collection. (To echo BJ, I was going to ask if you had considered fur spinning also. I found someone in Colorado who does a great job and she also weaves, crochets and knits whatever you want. If there’s an interest, I’d be happy to provide her contact info, if that’s ok.)


  3. Plucking plucking and more plucking! I can’t resist the temptation to reach into the computer screen and grab some fluff. My husky girl Siri hates being plucked????


  4. PLUCK PLUCK PLUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *watches Leena run away even as i actually said that outloud while typing it*


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