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Early Or Late – A Celebration Lap Is Required

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Our Hu-Dad was late coming home last night, and Landon did a celebration lap when dinner was finally served to a starving Herd.

A celebration lap for dinner - late or not.
A celebration lap for dinner – late or not.

Hu-Dad had some busyness to handle in the big city. For us, that means Asheville, NC. And after his busyness was done, he had to travel home in traffic that most of you would laugh at, but it’s more than a farmer’s tractor blocking the road. And that – along with cows or horses or elk standing in the road – constitutes our normal traffic jams.

He was so stressed from the travel home that he stopped for dinner before coming home and feeding us. Yes, our dinner was very late. We were starved. Famished. Passing out from the hunger.

So when dinner was finally served, Landon performed a dance around the yard.

Of course, he does that when dinner is on time as well.

One should always celebrate meals.
One should always celebrate meals.

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9 thoughts on “Early Or Late – A Celebration Lap Is Required

  1. HuDad needs to remember! Dog Musher Rule #1 Dogs get fed first! Then the musher! Been there , done that! Dave in NC mtns

  2. Oh Hi dad…I have a feeling you might pay for your lateness today. Of course once they give you a little stubbornness, your punishment will be over. Sibes can’t stay made at their humans. They need attention. You can’t stay mad when your belly needs rubbed!

  3. Oh Landon-I KNOW you were ALMOST passed out BUT Hu-Dad did his best!!! LOVE the picture though and hope you REALLY enjoyed your supper!!!!!

  4. Ebby sez: Hu-Dad, don’t you remember Rule #1 — Dogs get fed FIRST! Otherwise, we might waste away to a shadow, then you’d have nothing to write about. As you can see, Landon is “giving his last all”, before he passes out from starvation.

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