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Weighing Typhoon – Health Updates

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Weighing Typhoon was the highlight of yesterday’s vet visit. How are we doing in the battle to help him eat meals and gain weight?

Typhoon and Cheoah waiting on the verdict.
Typhoon and Cheoah waiting on the verdict.

First, a quick note on Cheoah. After some bathroom issues a couple of weeks ago (you really don’t want the details), Cheoah tested positive for a ciliate protozoa. Nothing major, but she needed to be treated for it. Yesterday, her follow-up exam showed that all systems are clear and she is back to good health. She always had a laser treatment for some arthritis in her spine. She may not like her arthritis, but she loves her laser treatments!

I will check the notes myself to get my weight.
I will check the notes myself to get my weight.

The regimen of steroids that Typhoon is own has energized his appetite. He is eating all of his meals with absolutely no supplements being added (the enticing chicken, ham, roast beef and other items we had been adding to get him to eat). We also have added Folic Acid to his diet after some of the testing we had done showed his folates were low.

The Little Prince stepped on the scales and revealed – 40.5 pounds! That’s up 1.7 pounds from 38.8 pounds in just two weeks. Moving in the right direction as we aim for 45 pounds.

Who doubted I would gain weight?
Who doubted I would gain weight?

We have already stepped the steroids down once and will do so again in a couple of weeks. The long-term plan, provided he continues to eat well, is to wean him off of the steroids in the long-run. The steroids are treating his very irritable digestive tract, so if we can keep those systems functioning well, he will eagerly eat. If not, we will explore keeping a low maintenance level of steroids or pursue other treatment options.

The good news is that he is eating well and gaining weight. Everything else we can deal with as time goes by.

Can we go home now?
Can we go home now?

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7 thoughts on “Weighing Typhoon – Health Updates

  1. Good to hear Cheoah and Typhoon are doing well. You take good care of their health as well as the other members of the Herd. Of course they would say they deserve it!

  2. hello thundering herd its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad to heer that cheoah is feeling better and typhoon is on the mend!!! i wil send lots of tail wags for him to kontinyoo feeling gud and eeting all his fuds!!! ok bye

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