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The Height Of Typhoon’s Innocence

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Hu-Dad thought he heard some noises from the den, so he went to investigate and caught Typhoon at the height of his innocence.

What am I doing up here? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
What am I doing up here? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

With years of experience in Siberian Husky mischief, Hu-Dad was immediately suspicious when he spotted Typhoon standing on the top of the couch in the den. Typhoon tried to claim that he was not doing anything mischevious, but those protests fell on Hu-Dad’s deaf ears.

Look out below!
Oops. I slipped.

In a moment of sheer clumsiness, Typhoon slipped off of the back of the couch and landed on his poor, sleeping sister Cheoah.

Sorry, I accidentally grabbed your neck.
Sorry, I accidentally grabbed your neck.

Terrible the things that happy to a totally innocent Typhoon.

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