November Searches

Wow, another whole month has come and gone.  So Happy December everyone.

Last month, we did a blog post on some of the stranger search phrases that led people to our website.  We got lots of comments on that post and a number of you emailed us about it as well.  So, we are taking our November report and looking for the best phrases.  Remember, someone used Google or Yahoo or one of the other search engines, entered this phrase, and then connected to our website during the month of November by following the search engines results.  Scary huh?

Squirrels for peace – The SECOND highest search phrase.  The only higher phrase was Thundering Herd.  Who are all of you people?  What are you looking for?


And keeping with the squirrel theme, we really liked Squirrel assault courses for sale. The other squirrel theme searches we liked were: Pictures of shedding squirrels; I had a dream with my dog catching a white squirrel; and This is how to relax squirrels.

Importance of stretching – Chuckling.  Wonder how many people Natasha has distracted from their exercise program with this post?


Variations on the I-40 Rockslide – And, no, I-40 is still not open and the current estimate is that it will reopen in February or later.  It is going to be a very long winter for a lot of businesses in the area and sure makes some trips really challenging.


Hair flowing in the wind – Go Kiska


Western North Carolina husky dogs sled team – Did you happen to see us in the Jeep one day?

Our holiday themes – Thanksgiving thoughts for difficult siblings and Thanksgiving adult beverage. We don’t know if the same person entered both searches, but, if they did, we are betting it was our hu-dad’s sister.  Just saying.

And our Thundering Herd theme searches:

Thundering Herd wrestling club

Thundering Herd rumors

Thundering Herd art

Thundering Herd military

Raining and Thundering Herd

What species is the Thundering Herd – We resent that one.

Thundering Herd sandwich – Ruh–roh

Finally, we conclude with our list of what in the world were you looking for?

Picture of a dog that is not a detective – We are assuming that is Dennis the Vizsla Dog

What is close supervision

Did Marco Polo have a mom

Picture of a river with a clock in it

Time apple skunk

Trippy snow picture

Many of you commented that you were going to share your favorite searches in your own blogs.  Please do so.  We are really curious what strange searches are happening out there.

17 thoughts on “November Searches”

  1. with a name like “wild” dingo… you can only imagine the naughty searches that come up. I’ve been meaning to do a post about my searches too…i had some doozies. My favorites are the SPAM my spam catcher catches. I saved a few. One day, that post is so going up. And my chances to get into DWB will definitely be sunk for good.
    wild dingo
    PeeEssWoo: I want to know what species The Thundering Herd is too…

  2. Wow! If you’re so easy to find, how come I didn’t find your delightful blog for such a long time? Oh, because I don’t do a lot of google searching, and especially not under those terms. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Hmmm, we don’t have a thingie to check those searches, may have to figure that one out. We were intrigued by the TH Sandwich. Maybe that comes from your groups of three walking groups, who’s in the middle?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  4. I think that photo of Natasha is one of your best ever! It needs to be framed — I’m serious!

    I glanced at my google searches and I have some very odd ones too. None were squirrel related – those are hysterical! I’ll have to compile them someday soon.

    BTW, I love the Alaska musher’s blog that you suggested to me. A wolverine! wow! Apparently, we have exactly one in Colorado. He wandered around 400 miles from Yellowstone, followed via radio collar. I haven’t heard anything recently – I wonder if he’s still here? Now, that’s an animal that I really wouldn’t want my dogs messing with!

  5. I did this a few months ago – and these are always a blast! Oddly enough, the search terms used to find us are a little on the blue side, so I dare not share many of them!

    Sorry, but the what species question is killing me! 🙂

  6. I always love these posts! It’s so funny! Makes mom want to sign up for WordPress! 🙂

    Some of those searches are pretty scary! Thundering Herd Sandwich? Yikes!


  7. That was hilarious! I’d like to know what exactly is a time apple skunk. Mom and I have never checked to see what words and phrases lead people to my blog, but now I’m very interested.

  8. hello thundering herd its dennis the vizsla dog hay maybe i wil do this tomorro i no dada offen luks at the sertch terms wot peepul yooze to find me and yoo ar rite i am a dog hoo is not a detektiv i am an arkeeolodjist slash sooperhero slash time traveler slash inventor slash biznessdog but i am not a detektiv tucker is the detektiv at leest wen it comes to detekting fud ha ha ok bye

  9. Ha, love this topic, yours are hilarious! Far and away, the term that pops up most on ours is…Can Puppies See Ghosts. I’m guessing there’s great disappointment rather than amusement when they land on this: The only ghosts my puppies see are the ghosts of bully sticks past. 😉

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