It is a perfect, balmy Siberian day here at Chez Herd, as evident by our hu-dad’s weather station:


Two obvious things you learn about our hu-dad from that picture.  First, yes he is one of those “got to have every cool gadget” type of guys. And, second, yes he is one of those “cheap, don’t turn the heat up too high” type of guys.  But this post is not about him.

Anyway, so what do you do in a heat wave like this?  Why go camping of course.  Yep, we are packing up the S-RV and headed off for a weekend.

But this is not just any camping trip, is it Kodiak?


Nope, because we are going to visit our friends at Siberian Husky Assist, the rescue that brought Kodiak (then called Champ) into their fold and eventually got him here to Chez Herd.

Every year, they hold an event called Winterfest in Damascus, Virginia.  Rodney Whaley, the first Tennessee musher to run in the Iditarod will be the key speaker at a dinner on Saturday night, but they also do a Serum Run Reenactment and, on Sunday, they run the Blue Ridge Dryland Challenge, an actually dog sled (cart) race in the Southeast U.S.!

In addition to lots of Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Huskies, there will also be Dachshund races (which we watched last year drooling and our hu-dad, for some odd reason, would not let us get close to) and Border Collie herding events.

This is also the event last year where a photographer took this picture of Kiska, Qannik and Kodiak which gave us the idea for the header on our website we use now.  The picture appeared for a while on the Damascus visitor’s website (which, I noticed today, has a link to this video of the trail used):


So we are off for a fun weekend and for Kodiak to see his foster family.

9 thoughts on “Winterfest”

  1. Khool!

    The khompany Mom works fur ships stuff to Abingdon so please wave HI to HAPCO fur her!

    Have lots of fun and please take pikhs!

    I’m off to The Kapp Khastle on Saturday to have an audience with KSB!


  2. First, I want to say that my mom thinks your dad is cruel and unusual for the inside temp on the gadget. While me and dad like it kinda cool, 57 is just darn mean.

    Second, I want to say that it sounds like a great event you are going to go to. All I can say is REPRESENT! I hope for lots of fuzz and howling for your future.

    Third, I want to say: I bet it is kinda crowded in that RV thingy!

    Howls and Fuzz


  3. Woo!
    It’s always so important to give back to the rescues that saved us. I second the demand for pictures. That many cute sibes in one place, plus races? You have to share! Plus lots of pics of you, guys, of course. Mommy says especially of Kodiak. She has a thing for redheads. I sulk at her. Second of all, I want your dad. Badly. My granny always had the heat up to TROPICAL in here, even though it’s a nice, acceptable -24 (-11 in your weather, mommy says) outside.
    I hope you have lots of fun! (And get to get close to the dachshunds, this time).

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