Shocking Revelation from Winterfest

This is the way we travel:


Apparently, there are some Siberians who actually work for a living and this is how they travel:

Horse Trailer



Rusty was shocked:

Rusty bench

“So that is what they mean by working breed”

13 thoughts on “Shocking Revelation from Winterfest”

  1. Hi, guys,
    I have never met a working husky. Where did you travel already. There is a whole bus you are travelling with…good for you!
    Nice to meet you,

  2. Do you take on hitch hikers?
    Witty wants to inspire y’all by sitting in the front. He is a complete mess.
    Y’all look like you can take that group any day!

    The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

  3. Hey, that’s my trailer!!! The red and white ( for Canada) is our family’s. We now live in NC and trust me our ride is comfy, I have personally been inside as well as my kids will play in there. We only have the three dogs at this point. They feel safe and secure, just like a crate and we keep a thermometer in a box to ensure they aren’t too hot or cold. I also know the pix above belongs to Chapin and he and his wife have a queen size bed in the trailer and slept there. So while the rest of you were in warm hotel beds w/ showers and a bathroom, They were in 20` cold and w/ their working dogs!

  4. HEY, I just now found this on january 3, 2010.
    I would like to look inside the rv. Our rescue just bought an OLD van to take dogs and STUFF to events to do fundraising.

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