Shadow and Skyler

Hello to Shadow and Skyler of Nashville, TN – two beautiful Siberian friends.  And how do I know them?

In order to keep The Herd well fed, with couches and beds to lay on, and vet bills paid, I have to work.  And my work requires me to travel.  Monday morning, I was getting onto a USAirways flight and booted up my computer.  My background on my laptop is this picture that comes from the Siberian Utility Vehicle story:


A flight attendant is walking through the plane, sees my picture, and immediately runs to get pictures of Shadow and Skyler to share them with me.  We had a great talk about the joys of Siberians, the way they talk, the crazy things they do, etc.  Passengers around me kept wanting to see the picture on my laptop.

So even when they are not with me, The Herd attracts attention!  Have a lot of fun in Nashville Shadow and Skyler!

9 thoughts on “Shadow and Skyler”

  1. WOO WOO

    We just Love your computer kids of your awesome kids! Mom keeps pictures of us at her desk at work and everyone thinks we are cute too! She has one of Thor jumping in the middle of a huge snowpile!

    You are a cool cool pack!

    Hugs and Kisses
    Thor and Marco Polo

  2. Hi There from Carol,(the flight attendant, Shadow, and Skylar from Nashville, Tn. Thanks for all the information on Siberian Huskies. I enjoyed talking to you. I don’t have a computer or website and I am having a friend write to you. I will be checking your website from time to time at the library. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  3. Dad often comments how long it takes him to get around the block when he’s walking one of us. Everyone has to stop and admire us. Our boy was angry at Meeka once because a girl he wanted to talk to spent all the time swooning over Meeka. Ahhh yes. Life with a Sibe!

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